Cat film festival sells twice as many tickets as the dog festival

NYC Cat Film Festival 2022

The New York Cat Film Festival for this year starts tomorrow. The dog version starts at the same time. Just to be fair ✔️. Although the cat film festival is a more recent innovation. Both were founded by Tracie Hotchner, a leading authority on cats and dogs (and human pregnancy 👍). She said: “I …

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The clicker trained cats of Benedict Cumberbatch’s new film

Benedict Cumberbatch and Claire Foy in the film about Louis Wain

It is nice to hear that Will Sharpe, the director of Benedict Cumberbatch’s new film, ‘The Electrical Life of Louis Wain’ did not use CGI for the cats. Apparently, all the cats in the film are the genuine article, the real deal. The film’s crew used patience and apparently clicker training based on what …

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Chomel, a cat, stars in an inspirational story about the importance of cherishing family members

Chomel a film starring a tabby-and-white cat about family life

Yes, Chomel, a cat, is the lead character in a film by filmmaker Jason Chong who is the man behind Malaysian Film Festival 29 winner Adiwiraku. Reading between the lines I sense that this film was motivated by the Covid pandemic. As we all know, it was and remains a time when people work …

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Andrew Lloyd Webber is wrong to criticise the movie version of “Cats” the musical

Lloyd Webber at premier

It’s all over the news, Andrew Lloyd Webber criticising the movie version of his “Cats” musical which is one of the longest running theatre shows ever. It was highly successful as a theatre show and apparently a complete disaster as a film. The director Tom Hooper has almost been vilified. There has been a …

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Netflix film about the battle between Big Cat Rescue and Joe Exotic is a big hit

Carole Baskin versus Joe Exotic

It’s been reported that the feud over big cats between Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin, the founder and owner of Big Cat Rescue (BCR), as documented by Netflix in their film “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness” is the most watched show in the UK and the US only weeks after being launched with …

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