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Bad flea infestation on a kitten who is probably anemic as a result

How do feral cats deal with fleas?

By and large feral cats put up with fleas; that’s how they deal with them. They accept them as a way of life and tolerate them because they have to. It’s strange because I’ve...

Combing includes flea combing. They should be combined

Can cats get fleas in the winter?

Yes, cats can quite definitely get fleas in the winter and I have first hand experience of it. My cat is, today, an indoor/outdoor cat. He can gow wherever he wants to and he...

Cat grooming

Do cats lick fleas off?

Cat grooming not only cleans the coat, and deposits saliva, but it is also a form of parasite control. In other words, domestic cats do lick fleas off their bodies but they then ingest...

Child playing in sand

Can I get a tapeworm from my cat?

Can I get a tapeworm from my cat? Theoretically, yes, it is possible to get a tapeworm from your cat but it will be mightily rare. I don’t think it’s something to be overly...

Cat flea jumping

Do cat fleas jump, climb or crawl?

Cat fleas jump onto and crawl around their host. They don’t climb onto a host. They don’t have wings so they have to crawl or ‘walk’ over their host, usually the domestic cat. They...

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