Veterinarian warns that the cat flea can survive the winter

The cat flea can survive the winter even outside for a short time in pupae stage at temps of -1 degree Celsius

News media reports that a vet and technical services manager at a pharmaceutical company, Jamie Walker, has reminded people that the cat flea can survive winter, which I think is a useful reminder. People associate the cat flea with warmer weather but it is not quite as straightforward as that. Proactive steps throughout the …

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Is it okay to lick my cat?

Woman licks her cat as she wants to behavior like a true cat mom

Is the question relevant to our lives? People ask it nonetheless. But frankly it is almost irrelevant. However, exceedingly rarely some cat owners do lick their cat and an avowed and self-declared crazy cat lady does it all the time because she wants to behave like a true mother cat caring for her newborn …

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Can fleas kill kittens?

Flea infested flat

Yes, fleas can kill kittens and we have a story today in the online news media to substantiate that statement. A ‘callous breeder’ in the UK abandoned ’25 terrified cats and kittens to starve to death in a flat’. And the Mirror newspaper reports that the RSPCA assessed that two kittens ‘died after their …

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Bad experience with a Bob Martin ‘spot on’ treatment. Warning: margosa extract can be toxic.

Halfway down this page is an article written by a visitor about six years ago: Suzy. She said that she had a very bad experience with Bob Martin’s spot-on flea treatment because it poisoned her cat. At the time I did a bit of research and decided it was a naturally occurring substance called …

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Food grade diatomaceous earth (DE) – pluses and minuses

Diatomaceous earth

Food grade diatomaceous earth is a useful and natural way to control fleas in a multi-cat environment or, for example, for cat breeders. Diatomaceous Earth is dug from the ground as a soft rock and processed to be edible. It is regulated by a number of standards agencies such as the US Food and …

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6 reasons why hard floors are better than carpeted floors for cat owners

Gabs on the kitchen floor enjoying the underfloor heating

Vinyl or laminate flooring is better than carpeted flooring if you live with a domestic cat. And it is even more desirable if you have underfloor heating. I believe that there are six reasons why hard flooring is better than carpeted flooring. Inappropriate elimination You must have heard a lot about inappropriate elimination. The …

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Cat Parasites – prevalence and species

Flea comb and fleas

Cat Parasites – does your cat or kitten have them? Prevalence In China, for instance, a study found that 41.39% of cats had intestinal parasites. 2.78% had toxoplasma-like oocysts. Hookworms were present in 3.06% of the cats (360 cat faeces were analysed). Toxocara cati was the most prevalent species of parasite detected in 17.78% …

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