Nitrites and nitrates in pet food and in human food

Nitrites and nitrates are in some human foods and in pet foods and they are carcinogenic

In France, nitrites and nitrates are allowed in human food but are disallowed in pet food which has outraged many members of the public. In America, the Pet Food Safety Law caps permissible nitrite levels at hundred parts per million in pet food but the Association of American Feed Control Officials has published a …

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On the shelves in April: cat food which stops you being allergic to your cat

Purina LiveClear cat food to prevent people being allergic to their cats

In Pro Plan LiveClear, Purina has presented what they consider to be a breakthrough in helping people who are allergic to cats. It is estimated that about one in five people are allergic to domestic cats and many are prevented from adopting a cat because of their allergy. Others suffer from a cat allergy …

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Processed food is bad for humans but we almost always feed cats processed food

Cat food ingredients

Chemically processed food with a large number of ingredients and which is high in carbohydrates is recognized as not being an ideal food for humans. I believe that, nowadays, the general consensus is that processed foods are a major contributor to obesity and illness in people. They certainly contribute to obesity. It’s very hard …

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What is low magnesium in cat food?

Cat owners no longer need to concern themselves about buying low magnesium cat food. The idea behind low magnesium cat food came about because at one time pet food manufacturers believed that magnesium in the “ash” of cat food was causing the formation of struvite crystals in a cat’s urine; a urinary tract health …

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SeaCure protein for digestive issues in cats and bone broth

SeaCure for pets

With caution and common sense, sometimes, it is good to explore new ideas with the intention of improving our cat’s health and welfare. Here are two possibilities. The first, SeaCure, is a dietary supplement for humans. It has been recommended by a vet to help with digestive issues in a cat. I’d like to …

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