Gardeners’ tips and tricks to deter neighbours’ cats from using their gardens as a toilet!

Ground cover plants are good for stopping cats peeing and pooping in your garden as the soil is inaccessible

This post is about some tips and tricks that gardeners might employ if they are concerned about neighbours’ cats coming into their garden, digging around in the soil and going to the toilet. It happens and it causes an enormous amount of upset to the dedicated gardener who has spent donkeys years cultivating their …

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Should I allow my cat into the backyard if there are daffodils there?

Daffodils are toxic to cats

It is spring and synonymous with spring are daffodils. It’s great to see them and the smell of cut grass. It lifts the spirits and makes us feel better. But daffodils don’t make cats feel better especially if they chew them and you know what domestic cats are like. They like to put things …

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There is one effective way to deter cats from gardens

Deterring cats from gardens means making the garden an unpleasant place to be in

A lot has been written on the topic of deterring free-roaming domestic cats from neighbours’ gardens. I cover a recent discussion using plants in the EXPRESS newspaper below but first I would like to discuss this single effective way to deter cats from gardens. I’m going to start with the underlying reason why this …

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An English Cat Friendly Home And Garden

Ruth aka Kattaddorra In our country most people believe in giving our cats their freedom if we are able to, within reason of course. Personally we always keep ours in after dark and when no one is going to be home. We live in a cul de sac so that vehicles can’t fly along …

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Why Don’t Americans Build Cat Gardens?

This is a simple question. Nothing clever. There are no underhand intentions here. I just want to know why, in a land of space and relatively low house prices for an industrialized country, there are very, very few cat gardens when something approaching half the population keep a cat or cats. By “cat garden” …

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