Wow! Cat gently nuzzles video of deceased owner

Cat nuzzles image of deceased owner

You will see a ginger tabby-and-white cat looking at a video of the cat’s former owner who has died. The cat looks intently and then gently head-butts (nuzzles) the image and rests his head on the screen. It’s a wow moment. It is clear that this cat is looking at his former human companion, …

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Siamese Cat Howled for Days And Would Not Eat after Her Sister Died

It is sad but true: animals “grieve” for lost relatives. They also grieve for friends who have passed on.  In one instance we are told a Siamese cat howled for days and would not eat after her sister died.  It would seem that the Siamese cat’s propensity to vocalise loudly allowed her to express …

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Cat Grief

by Michael (London, UK) Sad cat – photo by karp3diem (Flickr) People ask whether there is such a thing as cat grief. There are no easily accessible scientific studies, that I can find, which deal with this subject. Perhaps, though, we don’t need them. Perhaps we already know from personal observation and experience. Grief …

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