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How much time do cats need with humans?

How much time do cats need with humans?

As much as possible is the short answer. The question presupposes that domestic cats are intrinsically independent and solitary requiring a controlled amount of human company. That’s wrong. You can spend all day, every...

Ugandan kitten

Do cats prefer women?

Do domestic cats prefer women? It seems distinctly possible that domestic cats do prefer women, in general. Obviously there will be specific instances when they don’t. It is quite unusual to ask if cats...

I catch a cold from my cat?

Do cats fancy humans?

Yes, domestic cats can fancy humans! That is my bold decision after researching the question and thinking about it. I think you have to inject a bit of science into the answer. I don’t...

Cat and child

How do cats relate to humans?

Do domestic cats think of us as (a) surrogate mothers or “pseudoparents” (b) equals (c) kittens (d) giant superior cats or (e) unspecified, reasonably benevolent creatures who provide for them? Or none of these?...

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