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Cat hissing

When do cats learn to hiss?

The question is interesting because living, newborn kittens don’t learn to hiss. I would say that newborn kittens know how to hiss the moment they are born. They have inherited that vocal ability from...

Cat hiss

Should you hiss at your cat?

It’s an interesting question. When a domestic cat hisses it is a signal to the recipient that they are dangerous, as a snake is dangerous. It is a evolutionary behavioral trait learned by the...

Cat hissing

Cat silent hiss?

Sometimes domestic cats make a silent hiss. Some cat owners want to know why they do it. Perhaps they know that the domestic cat hiss is an act of “protective mimicry”. It is meant...

Trump hissing like a cat

Trump hissing like a cat

A short video on a loop of President Trump hissing like a cat. It’s all fake but it made me laugh. That’s all I can say.

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