Cat cut in two at Montparnasse station (Paris): railway company SNCF sued

Neko was the victim of the indifference of SNCF agents and died crushed by a train.

This cat news story has two aspects. Firstly, it concerns the violent death of a domestic cat travelling on a train with their owner. The cat escaped from their carrier while the train was at Montparnasse station and went on to the tracks. The railway company, SNCF, is accused of refusing to do what …

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Act of human folly by a cleaner cost the life of this rare Malayan tiger

Eko a Malayan tiger shot dead at Naples Zoo

NEWS AND COMMENT-NAPLES ZOO, FLORIDA USA: A rare Malayan tiger whose name was Eko, was shot dead by a police deputy because he had grabbed the arm of a cleaner which had been stuffed into his enclosure to pet or feed the tiger. The cleaner was an employee of a third-party contracting company. They …

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Will driverless cars mean less cats killed on roads?

Cat roadkill

We’re not sure how many cats are killed on roads in either the UK or the USA or perhaps any other country. An estimate is that a quarter of a million domestic and stray cats are killed on British roads annually and Wikipedia tells us that in the US, in 1993, 25 schools participated …

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Family cat killed by children: “He was hung up like a piñata and beat.”

children kill cat

This is an extremely distressing case of animal cruelty coming out of Darby, Pennsylvania. I urge readers to use caution as to whether or not to continue reading. The only reason I chose to write on it (after much debate going on in my head) is because CHILDREN are allegedly the ones who killed …

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20-year-old Missouri man sentenced for kicking a cat on a football field. Was it enough?

man kicked cat

A 20-year-old Kansas City, Missouri man was sentenced to two years of probation along with being ordered to perform 80 hours of community service and to donate $500 to an animal shelter after he pleaded guilty to kicking a cat on a Kansas City high school football field in May 2018. The cat was …

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Wisconsin man described to his daughter in graphic detail how he shot and killed her cat

cat killer

A Madison, Wisconsin man is out on bond after killing his daughter’s cat with a .22 Ruger handgun back in April. He’s been charged with felony animal mistreatment and disorderly conduct (which is a misdemeanor). A woman reported to police that her father, Peter K. Stern, 51, described to her in graphic detail how …

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Arizona man is out on bond after purposely killing his mother’s cat because he was mad at her

A Glendale, Arizona man is out on bond after purposely killing his mother’s cat because he was mad at her. The police report shows Byron Lee Nosie, 37 was charged with felony animal cruelty for purposely stepping on his mother’s cat and breaking its neck. Felony animal cruelty in Arizona is described as “committed …

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