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My cat is in sync with me

Are you in sync with your cat?

Being in sync with your cat is good for him/her. I’ll use ‘him’ to mean him or her. It is good for both of you especially your cat because it is reassuring which promotes...

Cat walking on tin foil

Why do cats hate tin foil?

Why do cats hate tin foil? Well, we shouldn’t generalise because some domestic cats are not fazed by tin foil (or only slightly so) but typically they are. The reason is that tin foil...

Do cats understand human emotions?

Do cats understand human emotions?

In answer to the question, “do cats understand human emotions?” my current thinking is that they do understand them to a limited extent through the person’s facial expressions, their behavior and body language but they will not understand the definition of emotions i.e. they cannot label a form of human behavior arising from a specific emotion.

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