What are the smartest things that a domestic cat has done?

Intelligent domestic cat

Cats have their own type of intelligence. Of course, is different to ours but in their own way they are intuitively and instinctively smart. And it must be said that they are good learners by observation. They learn by observing us and indeed copying us sometimes. Their lives are so integrated into ours that …

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How do cats learn to open doors?

Cat Opening Door

Domestic cats have good learning abilities as shown by the fact that they adapt to indoor living. They make sense of their surroundings by classical conditioning and learn how to open doors through ‘operant conditioning’. We see a lot of videos online of cats opening doors; often interior doors and sometimes fridge doors. It …

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Do domestic cats have their own personalities?

Mo Tenzing is handsome and he's allowed to roam in Central London

People who know domestic cats feel strongly that each has their own individual personality but it is nice to refer to some science rather than anecdotal evidence. Dr. Bradshaw in his book Cat Sense: The Feline Enigma Revealed refers to a study of cats who lived in a group all their lives. These cats …

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Cat waves around a cat tease for human use in order to play

Cat uses cat tease for human use to entertain himself

This is a classic case, yet again, of a domestic cat learning how to do things by watching their human caretaker. You know that the classic cat tease is a feather on a stick which a person waves in front of their cat which stimulates the cat to attack the feather as if it …

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Domestic cat copies a human’s hand movement

Cat copies human

This is a good example, provided the video is genuine which I believe it is, of a young domestic cat copying the hand movements of his/her human companion and caregiver. The human taps her hand and her tabby cat copies the movement directly and immediately. In a way it is quite startling to see …

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