Cat Television – a good example

Cat television

I am not sure who first used the phrase “cat television” but I believe that it was Jackson Galaxy, the American cat behaviourist. It is a very appropriate and descriptive term because for the domestic cat who is confined to the inside of the family home, their television is the window through which they …

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What is Cat TV?

Cat TV - one version

There are two versions of Cat TV; things that are happening on a television or computer screen and things that are going on live through the window. Either is fine but the former is better and is constantly changes. It is free too. Window For full-time indoor cats Cat TV is vital. Looking out …

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Proof that indoor cats really, really need to look out the window – aka Kitty TV

Cat looking out of window

This cute video confirms what we already know: indoor kitties get a lot of fun looking out of the window. It is kitty TV. My cat likes to sit a little strangely — Awwwww (@AwwwwCats) May 26, 2019 The short (on a loop) video also confirms that domestic cats are amazingly athletic and …

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