The pleasure of being touched by us is the main reason why cats like to be stroked

Petting cat's head

“The ritual of cat owners stroking their cat and their cat asking to be stroked and petted is a bonding process based upon mutually delivering pleasure to each other through contact.” – Michael Domestic cats do like direct contact between themselves and their significant human on their terms. This underpines the ritual of petting. …

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Stress Relieving Cat Therapeutic Massage Works (It worked for a Hedgehog)

Cat massage

A hedgehog, Derek, lost his spines because of stress-related alopecia caused by an injury. He was found injured in a garden in Bishop’s Stortford, UK. He recovered from his injuries but began to lose his spines. He was taken to a local animal whisperer, Monique Blackford, who gave him massage therapy and now his …

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