The claws of wild and domestic cats (infographic)

Black Oriental Shorthair bred in Russia wants to get down as his breeder holds him for a video

Together with the cat’s athleticism, their claws and teeth define the cat because they are essential to their predatory nature. The cat is a top predator and they live with us when domesticated. It’s remarkable in many ways that humans should so successfully live with such a devastating predator. The relationship isn’t always successful …

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Picture of a muscle-bound Sphynx cat

Picture of a muscle-bound Sphynx cat who suffers from myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy

This is my second picture of a muscle-bound hairless (Sphynx) cat which shows the condition that they are suffering from very clearly. Click here to see the other image. It is a very peculiar condition. Perhaps it is advantageous to the cat to have these huge muscles? But apparently not (see below). Are there …

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Do cats have the quickest reflexes of all land-based mammals?

Cats' reflex times are faster than snake attack times

Do cats have the quickest reflexes of all land-based mammals? The research on this topic it a little bit sketchy but strong anecdotal evidence does indeed point to the fact that cats have the quickest reflexes. I’m going to rely at least partly on videos on TikTok showing cats attacking snakes. It allows me …

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Domestic cat literally runs up the underside of a staircase

Domestic cat literally runs upside down

In another example of the wonderful strength and athleticism of the domestic cat, this superb individual literally runs up the underside of a staircase. He is running upside down as if he is running on the floor and I find it amazing. It isn’t as if he is simply walking and climbing up the …

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Cat muscles – fast-twitch fatiguing cells mostly

Sphynx cat with big muscles

OVERVIEW: We are all aware of the cat’s athletic abilities, their balance and power, which is usually demonstrated in jumping and climbing. The cat’s muscles work in conjunction with its highly specialised skeleton to create this effortless athleticism. However, it does depend upon its fast-acting muscles. The domestic cat’s muscular-skeletal framework has evolved to …

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Does a cat’s meow change with age?

Elderly rescue cat

Yes, normally a domestic cat’s meow will change with age. We can expect it because anatomically speaking the domestic cat is very similar to humans and we know that the human voice changes in old age. I am of the firm belief that the same changes and the same reasons apply to domestic cats. …

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