Picture: Sphynx cat with huge muscles

Sphynx cat with big muscles

It looks like this bicolor Sphynx cat has been quietly body building since he was a kitten. He is the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the cat world. And the hairlessness highlights his condition. The Reddit title is: “House cat suffering from Myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy – a rare condition that causes muscles to grow excessively large”. …

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Printer causes curious kitty to twitch. Is this true?

Cat responds defensively to the sounds and movements emanating from a computer printer

A cat responds defensively to the sounds and movements emanating from a computer printer. We know what twitching is but we should realise that it is an involuntary action. It happens automatically. We don’t control it and it is caused by our muscles tightening up or contracting. That is the twitch and this cat …

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Why don’t domestic cats express their emotions through facial expressions like humans?

Car facial expressions

Domestic cats, in general, have this deadpan face. It is not entirely expressionless but, compared to humans, cats’ faces are relatively impassive. Their faces do show pain, however, when it becomes quite pinched and tense looking. It is quite noticeable and it varies with the amount of pain that the cat is suffering from. …

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Are felines stronger than canines?

Cat-dog face off

Are felines stronger than canines? Are cats stronger than dogs? The answer depends on the species of feline and canine we are referring to. For instance the tiger is a feline. The French bulldog is a small, highly popular domestic canine. Which is the stronger! You get the obvious point. Conversely a large dog …

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Does neutering male cats make them less strong?

Does neutering male cats make then less strong?

I have concluded that neutering male cats is likely to make them less strong. The word “neutering” applies to male cats, as you probably know, although it can also be an umbrella term for spaying and neutering. It is the removal of their testes (testicles). As you might also know, the operation is considered …

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Bird attacks domestic cat. Cat makes mighty leap in retaliation.

Domestic cat leaps high and far to catch a bird

Flying kitty from r/gifs My impression is that this bird is a magpie and she is defending her young. I’m not an ornithologist so I am assessing what’s happened as a layperson (update: the magpie is attacking the cat during nesting season). The cat, which looks like a dilute ginger tabby, simply wandered onto …

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Why don’t cats have facial expressions?

Cats do have facial expressions. However, I’d argue that relative to humans their range of expressions is limited and less pronounced but they certainly exist. For example, they express pain in their faces. It’s been measured scientifically. However, compared to primates and humans they can give the impression to some people that they don’t …

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Are domestic cats faster than humans?

Domestic cats are faster than humans

The question is asking if domestic cats IN GENERAL are faster than humans IN GENERAL. It is not asking if the fastest domestic cat is faster than the fastest human. And the question is not concerned with the distance travelled. Bearing those issues in mind: The fastest domestic cat is faster than the fastest …

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