Definition of copyright – does copyright of images still apply to the Internet?

Copyright symbol

Introduction The article discusses more than the definition of copyright. A definition is a summary and more than that is appropriate in this instance. This article relates primarily to internet works; words and images. Over the course of the development of the Internet, the concept of copyright with respect to images has changed in …

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Picture of 232 animals injured by cats in 2019 that could not be saved by WildCare Animal Hospital

232 animals injured by cats and which died at one hospital in California

Here is a photograph by Jak Wonderly of 232 animals that were injured by cats during 2019 and which could not be saved by a non-profit wildlife hospital based in San Raphael, California, USA: WildCare Animal Hospital. The hospital was able to save 89 of a total of 321 animals that were brought to …

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Don’t criticise PETA for showing graphic images of cats

Some people criticised PETA for publishing pictures of domestic cats being dissected because the pictures were disgusting. I think the critics are wrong and PETA is right.

About 10 days ago there was a bit of a hoo-ha over PETA’s use of a graphic image of a cat that had been dissected. PETA wants to see this sort of activity stopped. They consider it outdated and essentially cruel (see video below). Of course I agree with them completely. PETA have a …

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Feral Cat Pictures

Feral cat pictures

Here are 15 feral cat pictures published on this page under creative Commons licenses (from Flickr) – I am adding photos so there are more than fifteen. They been carefully selected. There are extensive captions where possible which you can read by clicking on the photos. The photographs are large thumbnails which means that …

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Gorgeous watercolour and ink paintings dedicated to the domestic cat by Endre Penovac

Endre Penovac is a Serbian artist who dedicates his gorgeous watercolour and ink paintings to the much loved, humble cat. The black cat in the paintings is Boszi (meaning ‘witch’ in English). Some of the images below can be seen larger if you click on them. Use the back button to return here. The …

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Black Cat In The Sun. Yellow on Blue.

The reference to “blue” refers to the bluish tinge in the black fur. You get that in the shade because light in the shade is bluish. The “yellow” refers to the burnt grass and the yellow eyes: a nice contrast to the blue light in the shade. The cat is Charlie. He lives with …

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