cat play

What happens if I don’t play with my cat?

In general, domestic cat need to express predatory behaviour. In other words they need to hunt to feel normal. A…

1 month ago

Why does my cat bite his tail?

Here's the deal: we really don't know why cats bite their tails in genuine anger and not in play. Cats…

1 month ago

How do kittens play together?

This is called "social play". It is the way kittens interact with each other. It is different to how children…

1 month ago

How do I make my cat less scared?

I think we have to look at the problem of scared cats with reference to two different circumstances. Cats can…

2 months ago

Difference between cats playing and fighting

I can understand the problem in differentiating between cats playing and fighting. It can be difficult, on the face of…

2 months ago

How do I stop my cat attacking me?

When in play this is a common problem because it is normal cat behaviour. Not all domestic cats do it…

2 months ago

How to improve your relationship with your cat

I'll approach this is two ways. Firstly, I'll set out a road map with general principles and secondly list some…

3 months ago

Picture of grandma repairing cat’s favourite toy

This is a different sort of cat picture. One made for the modern age. An age when the throwaway culture…

4 months ago

Masochist allows cat to damage their hand?

It looks like this person deliberately allowed their cat to damage their hand. Is this self-harm by proxy?

4 months ago

How do you stop a kitten from biting and scratching me?

The question is not mine. The problem does not concern me, I hasten to add, but there are lot of…

5 months ago