Poisoning of San Francisco’s parrots indicates reckless use of bromethalin affecting cats and other animals

Parrots of Telegraph Hill, San Francisco

This story is about parrots in San Francisco being poisoned over very many years. However, the story is much wider than that because researchers don’t know where or how the parrots are ingesting bromethalin, a rat poison, and therefore its presence endangers other animals including, notably, feral, stray and outside domestic cats. Bromethalin is …

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Australia’s deliberate poisoning of feral cats is essentially a crime

Felixizer toxic trap

Elisa has written about the planned attempt to exterminate feral cats on the Dudley Peninsular on Kangaroo Island which my research tells me is in the Australian state of South Australia (link to article). The authorities of that state have set up automatic traps which dispense a poisonous gel onto feral cats. They say …

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There is a herbicide in your cat food (USA)

Glyphosate dangerous to cat health

A recent Cornell study published this month in Environmental Pollution found that glyphosate, an active herbicidal ingredient used in weedkillers like Roundup, is present at low levels in a range of cat and dog foods. The amounts are considered to be safe to humans but are they safe for cats and dogs when exposed …

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US federal government uses Nazi Holocaust poison to kill predators (and some pets)

Cyanide poisoner M-44

Have you heard of M-44 cyanide bombs? I would doubt that you have. Not many police officers in America have either. Hydrogen Cyanide M-44 Cyanide Bombs are devices put down by US Wildlife Services to kill predators such as coyotes, feral dogs and foxes (feral and domestic cats are predators too). They are baited …

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Hormone Cream Poisoning Cats

Hormone topical creams can poison cats

Hormone topical creams can poison domestic cats When I received the information in a newsletter about hormone cream poisoning cats, I thought I’d learn about cats actually biting into a tube of estrogen or progesterone cream. As it turns out, this isn’t the case. The cats are physically rubbing up against their owners and …

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What can cause mouth ulcers and seizures in cats?

I have been searching for a link between mouth ulcers and seizures in cats. I have a friend who’s 10-year-old cat has sadly just died having been diagnosed with diabetes. The cat had mouth ulcers and had a seizure. It seems to me that at aged ten illnesses caused by old age can be …

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