Poll: choose an option to force better cat ownership standards

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I am in a poll mood today 🙂 . Here are some options in a poll which are designed to improve cat guardianship standards through local byelaws to make certain aspects of cat ownership mandatory. A small minority spoil it for the majority by allowing, for instance, their cats to bred and then neglectfully …

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Poll: do you agree with a domestic cat curfew?

Cats are Houdini escapologists

Please use the poll below. Knox, A suburb of Melbourne, is in the news for making it law that their cat owners keep their cats confined to their homes 24/7. They are the second council in the world to take such draconian steps to protect cats, protect wildlife and prevent nuisance (after another Aussie …

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Three Cat Poll Results Which Should Shock You

This is a poll created specially for PoC by Meetville, a dating site. The questions where mine. It was held from 10/20/14 to 11/13/14 among 9,454 people from the following countries: USA – 49% Canada – 6% Britain – 15% Australia – 6% Other countries – 24%. It is a large poll which makes …

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