US cat and dog pet population combined rising faster than human population (infographic)

US cat & dog pet population rising faster than human population

Indeed, the statistics from the AVMA and Macrotrends present a fascinating picture, which I’ve captured in an infographic. Google Gemini’s analysis aligns with mine, though in different wording, stating, “The pet population in the USA, including both dogs and cats, is projected to grow at a faster rate than the human population,” implying a …

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Surprising domestic cat numbers in US Census’ American Housing Survey

Cats in home survey for US

The United States Census Bureau has provided us with their American Housing Survey (AHS). They tell us how many households have pets and they break it down into cats and dogs and other animals. They also break it down into multi-cat and multi-dog homes. The survey has thrown up a very surprising number for …

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Number of free-roaming and feral cats USA (2022)

NYC feral cats are from Dutch stock

Conclusion: There are around 90 million free-roaming and feral cats in the USA as at 2022 broken down to 30 million free-roaming domestic cats and 60 million feral cats. This number can’t be set in concrete as the raw information is not very accurate as it is very hard to count cats both domestic …

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