Sleepypod is the safest pet carrier in a car crash

Sleepypod pet carrier is the best in a cat crash according to the CPS in the USA

The Sleepypod pet (cat or dog) carrier has been described as the Cadillac of cat/dog carriers. In Britain it would be called the Rolls Royce of pet carriers. There are three reasons for this label: Below is a video showing the Handilock accessory referred to above which ensures the Velcro faster can resist the …

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UK police want cat owners to use GPS cat tracking collars

GPS tracking collar for cats is an item which is recommended by the UK police force.

Through one of their policewomen acting as a spokesperson, it appears that the UK police want cat owners to purchase GPS tracking collars for their cats after a spate of cat poisonings in Swindon. It seems to me, that the police want indoor/outdoor, unsupervised domestic cats to wear GPS tracking collars because it will …

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Give your cat the time they need to use a new product

Gabs in his fancy bed for the first time in 12 months

This little episode in my life reminded me to be patient when buying a product for your cat. They sometimes hardly use or even ignore a carefully chosen product such as a cat bed or toy. It can be a bit dispiriting. It can be off-putting in fact. It can stop you buying nice …

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Pet lounger and horizontal scratcher gets 5 stars from 17,000 ratings

Ultimate Cat scratcher and lounger

This ‘ultimate cat scratcher and lounger’ gets a five-star rating from 17,000 reviews. It’s described as being a great stress reliever, great for exercise, great for healthy nails and has natural scratching benefits. It is pet friendly and earth friendly. It has multiple options for stretching, lounging and scratching and is made of strong …

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Noticeable, brightly coloured, cat collar protects birds from cat predation (47 – 54% reduction)

There is a product on the market called Birdsbesafe®. They are fluffy cat collars in very bright colours. They are deliberately bright because songbirds see bright colours especially well. You can immediately understand the idea. The cat stalks a bird. The movement of his collar is picked up by the bird. The bird flies …

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