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Can flea collars make cats sick?

Yes, flea collars can make cats sick. They can even kill cats if a dog or puppy flea collar is…

4 months ago

What are pet cooling mats made of?

Pet owners want to know what pet cooling mats are made of in the interests of the safety of their…

5 months ago

Vietnamese toddler drinks liquid of dead black cats to protect from coronavirus

In human behaviour reminiscent of medieval times, in Vietnam black cats are being killed and rendered down into a black…

6 months ago

Samsung television packaging makes cat house

Television cardboard packaging can be turned into a cat house with ease.

6 months ago

Picture of the versatile Squishy Cat Lamp (and video)

This lamp has everything for cat loving families and it costs peanuts (about £12 in the UK and a similar…

7 months ago

How to get rid of the smell of cat pee from carpet?

It is relatively straightfoward nowadays to get rid of the smell of cat pee from carpet and underlay. Of course,…

7 months ago

Hospitals need more ventilators to treat Covid-19 patients. Cat ventilators may do.

This is thinking laterally and the idea comes from a Devon-based business in the market for manufacturing animal ventilators. The…

7 months ago

Is catgut made from cats?

Despite its name, catgut is not made from cat intestines although a traditional, three-stringed musical instrument in Japan, the samisen…

8 months ago

On the shelves in April: cat food which stops you being allergic to your cat

In Pro Plan LiveClear, Purina has presented what they consider to be a breakthrough in helping people who are allergic…

8 months ago

Temperature Scanning Microchips For Fear Free Examinations

The cat rescue I am involved with just started to implant a microchip in each cat we pull from shelters…

8 months ago