Animal Shelters, Crossposters and Rescue Groups

by Elisa Black-Taylor (USA) R.I.P-Too Late (Photo by Mia Anelli) Athena, Camille, Jemma saved from Ruby by Mia-needs home ASAP Debra by Mia Anelli In case a few of my readers haven’t noticed, I’ve become involved with a lot of new projects concerning pets. I’d like to explain my goals regarding animal shelters, rescue …

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A Plea From Cat Fosterers And Rescuers

Unwanted Angoras Samantha is losing weight Lily wants to be an only cat Declawed and on death row Good morning readers. Today I’d like to make a plea from cat fosterers and rescuers everywhere. I’m really depressed and I don’t believe I’m the only one out there who feels as confused/abandoned/depressed as I do. …

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