cat rescue

Rescuing the cats and dogs of New York City left behind by Covid-19 victims

It is nice to see the media discussing not only the human victims of Covid-19 in New York City but…

2 weeks ago

In 13 tweets Russell Crowe tells the story of his kitten rescue 17 years ago

I really like this excellent cat story. Russell Crowe took the time to churn out 13 tweets (to their maximum…

4 weeks ago

Picture of a cute rescue kitten in a teacup

The good thing about this cute rescue kitten in a teacup picture is that it is not Photoshopped. It is…

4 weeks ago

Saved from the side of the road this steely-eyed boy cat quickly found a home

I love this cat rescue photograph for two main reasons. The eyes are a textured, steely gray. What I mean…

1 month ago

Living With Aspergers: What Cats Have Taught Me About Hope, Opportunity And Never Giving Up In The Face Of Bullying, Depression and Suicide

I worked at the Northeast Missouri Humane Society for about seven years as the cat room supervisor before opening a…

1 month ago

Is the typical North American animal rescue in hock to their vets for thousands of dollars?

A sadly typical case of unwanted domestic cat abandonment shines a light on the debt that some animal rescues owe…

2 months ago

Beat-up love bug stray cat has human expression

I am a sucker for domestic cats with human faces. On 23rd April, Big Gray was listed as adoptable from…

2 months ago

Big-hearted teenager opens animal shelter

Anápolis, Brazil: Remember the name Eduardo Caioado as I think he'll become famous one day. He has a huge heart.…

2 months ago

Pregnant domestic cat shot 3 times gave birth to 4 healthy kittens

A pregnant domestic who was cat shot 3 times gave birth to 4 healthy kittens.

2 months ago

Maine Coon – American Curl mix (hybrid) rescue cat

The message on the Instagram page of Friends for Life Rescue Network is that Rosalie has been adopted. She was…

2 months ago