Sweet mackerel tabby cat clings onto man’s leg and cries during tree rescue

Tabby cat cries out and clings on when rescued from a tree

See some interesting links to cats falling at the end of the article. The interesting aspect of this rescue is that the cat was not very high up unless the man had climbed a good distance up the tree which I don’t think happened. This indicates to me that this is a timid cat …

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Wild cats never get stuck in trees but domestic cats do

Cat in tree. Is she stuck?

I have never read, either on the internet or in a book, about a species of wild cat being stuck up a tree. It doesn’t happen in my opinion because any wild cat species is more in tune with nature. They’ve evolved to be great climbers and evolution is precise. Nature would not have …

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Discussion: So….who do you turn to for help in your community to save a cat ‘stuck’ in a dangerous place?

Ginger cat in tree

We’ve all read horror stories about cats trapped in places where they’re unable to get out of without assistance. Personally, I’ve read posts by ladies practically begging on Facebook for somebody, ANYBODY to help save a cat who has gotten itself into a bad (and most often dangerous) situation. So….who do you turn to …

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Piggyback police rescue: Two branches of Colorado law enforcement help a cat stuck up a tree

A cat in Colorado has two branches of law enforcement to thank for his rescue from a tree after being stuck there most of the day. He even got a piggyback ride back down! The Fremont County Sheriff’s Office and the Florence Police Department worked together on a call on Wednesday after getting word …

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No one would help get her cat out of a tree….until 2 Good Samaritans showed up at her home

This began as a frustrating situation and ended with two Good Samaritans who drove to a Fayetteville, North Carolina home where a cat was stuck up a tree. Working along with the worried owner, the couple managed to rescue the cat. Melissa Stanley cares for a cat named Lightskin who somehow managed to get …

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10 minutes of cats being rescued from trees (looking down)

Cat rescued from tree

Canopy Cat Rescue fill a need because there appears to be a dearth of professional tree climbers who are committed to rescuing cats stuck in trees. These two guys appear to be highly professional and they rescue cats from trees almost full-time. They say that they have other things to do but most of …

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Cat rescue: Cat stuck in the top of a tree for three days after escaping hawk

On October 21 an Ohio fire and rescue department became heroes to a cat who escaped a hawk but instead landed in the top of a tree for three days. Erie Valley Fire & Rescue located in Navarre posted on their Facebook page “Probably the most common question any firefighter is ever asked is …

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