Map of all the animal rescue centres in the UK

Yep..mapping the animal rescue centres in the UK (see more below map plus link to Irish Republic map). Cursor disappears? Click anywhere on the map. Nope…it’s gone. It makes me sad.

Map gone

Animal rescue UK — Some notes about this map.

  1. Please click on yellow markers for details of the rescue center – move + zoom the map to suit.
  2. Controls using keys: Place cursor over map and tap trackpad or left click mouse…To zoom in use the “+” key. Zoom out use the minus key. To move the map use the arrow keys. Hold the key down to move the map fast.
  3. There are 311 rescue centers also called animal sanctuaries, marked on this map. I believe that this represents about 90% of all animal rescue centers/facilities in the UK. The purpose is to provide a one-stop web page where people can find out how far or near the nearest animal rescue UK center is from them. I hope this proves useful.
  4. The map actually covers Northern Ireland as well and the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. However, Google struggled to map the very few sanctuaries at these places. Update: I have now mapped the major animal rescue sanctuaries in the Republic of Ireland.
  5. Cat Protection is a large rescue organisation that, almost exclusively, uses foster homes in their extensive operation. The foster homes of individual volunters cannot be mapped for obvious reasons and there is no point in mapping them in an case. You might like to visit their website. Update: I have mapped the areas of operation of several branches in the south west region of England. If you slide the map around (click on map and drag mouse) you will see more. Click on the lines, placemarkers and shaded areas to see what they represent. I am working on doing something more comprehensive but the mapping tools that I have at my disposal don’t allow this currently.

View Cats Protection Areas of Operation in a larger map

  1. The Blue Cross is another large animal rescue operation that has shelters and which uses foster homes. Accordingly their entire operation is not mapped.
  2. The RSPCA is the biggest in the animal rescue field and they have by far the most animal rescue homes or sanctuaries. All of these have been mapped bar one or two. RSPCA sanctuaries should probably be the first places to investigate if you are looking to adopt an animal that needs a home.
  3. Some independent rescue centres have not been mapped because Google could not find them. If you are one of these independent rescue organisations and would like to be on the map, please click the link below.
  4. If there are errors, and there will be some despite my best efforts to achieve accuracy, please also click on the relevant link below and tell me if you have the time.

Please search using the search box at the top of the site. You are bound to find what you are looking for.

88 year old lady prepares to close her cat shelter with grace and charm

Violet Winegarden will be 88 years of age on March 20th 2017. She still runs her cat sanctuary ‘Happy Cat Haven’. It is in Canada just over the border from America on the Sunshine Coast which is near Vancover I believe. She signs off as ‘Violet Winegarden, Gibsons’.

Violet Winegarden
Violet Winegarden

She used to have a website but it has closed. She wrote a letter to the local online newspaper, Coast Reporter to announce the forthcoming closure of her cat shelter. This is it:

I am writing this letter to say the Happy Cat Haven will be shut down. I will be 88 years old on March 20. But I am also full of love and energy to help all animals.

I will have animals here and will be taking them into the Haven until I die. No one knows when their life will end, so should I have 10 or 12 cats here when my time for leaving comes, I believe those cats will find loving homes at once with people who have always supported and loved Happy Cat Haven for what we do and have done.

Please continue to bring your old cats here, where they will stay, and young cats will be taken to the local SPCA.

I live here, so phone calls are welcome and cats may be brought all day.

These are my last and final wishes.

Violet Winegarden, Gibsons

For me it is notable for its charm and warmth. It tells me she has a pure, tender spirit even at such an advanced age. She is still ready, willing and able to take in rescue cats. I don’t know her but I like what I read.

Violet Winegarden five years ago
Violet Winegarden five years ago

When she was 83 she was honoured with an award ‘The Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award’ for her work in rescuing cats (see photo above). I have discovered that she has many fans. You can count me as one of them. There is a place for you in heaven over the Rainbow Bridge amongst the spirits of many happy cats.

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Animal Rescue Australia

Animal Rescue Australia |     — the most comprehensive single map and page on Australian animal rescue on the internet (as at 3-2012 – things change!).

This is a map showing 82 place markers for (a) Australian animal shelter facilities and (b) the operational areas of animal rescue organisations that employ foster carers before rehoming companion animals (and in one instance horses). The majority of the place markers show actual facilities where companion animals can be seen and where you can meet staff. The map is therefore quite comprehensive. Full details are provided for all the organisations when you click on the relevant link in the LH navigation bar.

The map can be moved around using the controls within the map (top left) and zoomed within the place markers (after clicking on the left hand navbar link). Streetview is also available for certain locations allowing you to see the place on the ground to assist in finding it. There are also links to utilise Google directions so that you can work out a route to the shelter. Below the map are a number of further references to animal shelters that only use foster homes. Just click on the words or icons within the image to go the websites of these rescue organisations.

View Australian Animal Rescue Shelters in a larger map

Click on the banners and logos below to go to the website of that organisation:

Animal rescue Australia — Notes:

  • I believe that this map and image map probably represent more than 90% of all animal rescue Australia organisations. At March 2012, except for this map,  the information available on the internet is fragmented. Things will change no doubt.
  • The RSPCA is by far the biggest provider of animal rescue in Australia. That is to be expected. Their facilities are marked in light blue (cyan). However, the place markers on this page are more accurate than those on the RSPCA website. Most are accurate to within several feet. A number of the RSPCA markers are innaccurate because they appear to have utilised Google Fusion Tables, an auto mapping program that depends on a full address and the RSPCA did not provide full addresses (no criticism intended). The map above has been created ‘by hand’ using all available information including Google Streetview. Care has been exercised.
  • The yellow markers are all the animal rescue Australia adoption centers that are not RSPCA facilities.
  • The area markers all relate to animal rescue networks using foster homes. The areas mapped represent the areas referred to by the organisations concerned as stated by them on their websites.
  • Update: Manx Rescue Australia. Nationwide rescue employing foster homes.

If you have an queries or if you want to refine this page please use the links below. Please give me 24 hours, at least, to respond. I hope this page proves useful in our work to help unwanted companion animals. Nationwide rescue organisation employing foster homes. Note: the icons and header banners shown in the image map above are used under fair use principles as the organisations concerned are being promoted.

Animal rescue Australia to home page.

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Is Big Cat Rescue a Sham?

I made a post about Big Cat Rescue (BCR) 9 months ago. I said I admired the work of Carole Baskin (formerly Carole Lewis) the founder. BCR was called Wildlife on Easy Street (WOES). I have been constructively criticised recently about this post. I am pleased to be corrected when I am wrong. It has given me the motivation to look again at Big Cat Rescue and make my own decision as to whether the allegations that Carole Baskin lies are true. I will try to be as neutral and as objective as possible.


Carole and Howard Baskin
Carole and Howard Baskin. Photo believed to be in the public domain.

The Allegations

  1. A host of allegations are on this page of this site: – link broken to specific webpage April 2013
  2. BCR don’t rescue cats they buy healthy cats and breed them (src: (broken link) and ) and then make money from them.
  3. BCR has suffered 10 USDA violations in April 1999 (src: as immediately above)
  4. BCR had a litter of cougars born on their property in 2001 (src:

Looking at some of the Allegations

I’ll look at some of the allegations from the link in the first numbered bullet ( – link broken to specific webpage April 2013) as this is the best prepared page containing allegations of deceitfulness and therefore the most likely to be true. I will address the first 5 allegations on the linked page above in the order presented.

  1. Carole Baskin writes “stupid” letters to the neighbours of people who keep dangerous animals under license to warn them of potential problems if they escape etc.. Comment: a copy of the letter is shown. On the face of it, it is true that she sent the letters. But is it silly or stupid in an absolute sense? No. It might be stupid to the author criticizing and it might seem a bit too forceful to some people but to others it might seem very appropriate. This seems to be a bit of mud slinging from someone who does not like Carole Baskin and her operation. I feel I should say that a lot of people want to possess exotoc wild cats and hybrids for various reasons (status?) but find that they are hard to keep. They don’t have the abilities or facilities. There have been many serval escapes as one example.
  2. Snow leopards were bought by BCR as pets or breeders (in 1998?). Two invoices and a newsletter are produced as supporting evidence. Comment: These animals were on the face of it bought as stated. They were however, bought from another wildlife sanctuary, MacCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary, a non-profit 501-(c)-3-wildlife rehabilitation facility licensed by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the United States Department of Agriculture’s Animal Welfare Act, and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior. McCarthy’s are a rescue sanctuary (see this page: This would then appear to be a transfer of rescue cats from one sanctuary to another. It could be argued that it should be a free transfer because BCR has to take on the upkeep. One of the cats, Hercules, is stated as being a gift from Don Lewis to his wife. Is it possible to give a gift of a wild cat to a wild cat rescuer and rescue a cat at the same time? It seems the answer must be, yes. Is is possible for the founder of a cat rescue operation to treat one of the cats in her charge as a pet? It would seem, yes. Is breeding captive wildcats contrary to wild cat rescue generally? No, this is now the norm it seems (and in any event BCR claim not to breed from Hercules). Also BCR say that Hercules was rescued because he was surplus to the survival plan of this cat species as declared by someone else.
  3. Another allegation is that BCR are calling their pet Snow Leopards ‘surplus to the Species Survival Plan. Comment: I think that Rexano simply got this wrong. BCR are saying, as mentioned above, that these cats were considered surplus by other sanctuary (McCarthy’s?). They claim to have rescued them from getting into the hands of unscrupulous breeders.
  4. The next allegation is that BCR had a video on YouTube showing how they bred wild cats and traded them etc. Comment: The video referred to has been removed, “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Carole Baskin .” The allegation in any event would not seem to be automatically contrary to cat rescue.
  5. BCR is no longer (at 28th April 2008) a charity accredited by BBB because they mishandled complaints and they cannot use the BBB seal. Comment: The three complaints that they dealt with were answered on the BCR website. BCR criticised the complaints as false. This did not meet the standard of BBB. This is standard no. 20. There are 20 standards and the remaining 19 were passed by BCR. The seal is voluntary by the way. BCR are not seal holders (as at Nov 2009). BCR is listed on the BBB website (Nov 2009 – The list is of “enrolled charities”. The BB Wise Giving report expires Oct 2009. I presume that this means that the problem expires too.

Is Big Cat Rescue a Sham? No, not on this evidence. OK to recap the above. I do not see malpractice or evidence that tells me that Big Cat Rescue is anything other than stated:

Stated Purpose: “to provide a good home for the limited number of cats that the sanctuary can afford to take in … and reduce the number of cats that suffer the fate of abandonment and abuse by educating as many people as possible about the conditions that lead to the plight of these animals. ” (BBB website – this page)

What I do see is some mud slinging. This is probably because Carole Baskin is a forceful women who has made some enemies. Although controversial, I think it fair to say that there may also be a sexist problem. Some men and women don’t like women who behave like men.

She has certainly alienated wild cat hybrid breeders because she is firmly against the practice. She has tended to be too outspoken against wild cat hybrids and made generalizations about them which have on occasions been misconstrued and which have not furthered her cause. But these are simply her views and she is entitled to declare them on her website. Alone, a declaration of a deep distaste of wild cat hybrid breeding is not sufficient to say that Carole Baskin is a liar and runs a sham of an operation.

I welcome comments. But please, comments should be supported by sound evidence if critical.

From Is Big Cat Rescue a Sham? to Wild Cats


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Is Big Cat Rescue a Sham?

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Apr 08, 2012 Retard
by: Michael

Response to comment of Mar 31, 2012 saying that I am a “retard”. Judging by your writing skills it is you who is retarded but I would not call you that. I’ll just say that you are rude and impolite and you sound like an unpleasant person. The kind of person who likes to criticize without really researching the matter.

And I agree with Carole Baskin, anyone who makes nasty comments anonymously cannot be taken seriously. It is rather pathetic really.

Apr 08, 2012 Anonymous Comments Aren’t Credible
by: Carole Baskin

I invite anyone to research Big Cat Rescue’s inspection history as well as that of Joe Schreibvogel, the person behind most of the “Anonymous” complaints against us at the USDA’s website. You will find they actually fined him 25,000 for violations of the Animal Welfare Act and that he is currently under investigation for the deaths of 23 tiger cubs. If people are afraid to post their real names to their comments, then they aren’t credible. If they were telling the truth and didn’t have worse inspections to hide, they would use their real names so you could check them out too. Here is the site to check

Apr 07, 2012 BCR USDA Violations
by: Anonymous

As your article mentions uses violations perhaps you should look at their record again. BCR in Tampa now has repeat violations on their record. Violations happen and catching items to fix is what audits help everyone do, but a repeat is just terrible.

Mar 31, 2012 whomever wrote this is a retard
by: Anonymous

you are dumb biased as possible a buying the animals is a purchase period not a rescue your another one of her wuacks trying to take up space online with blogs using keywords to fill in the negative pr that is being fought bavk against a criminal that makes fake rescue claims and collects donations for it the place is a dump rusty cages feces and full of usda violations she has breed has interactions with the public and purchased many of the residence there all the so called violations of not being a sanctuary she claims every one else is not a sanctuary for anyone can make good blogs you morons keep attadking the wrong people ill show how good good can get the only thingyoull see is all your. bad crap when you type bcr ill pay for a banner ad that tops her ads under the adwords campaign tired of you and her and all your self righteous bsleave everyone else alone and for god sakes clean that dump of a sanctuary up usda should shut you down gross!

Jul 03, 2011 Big Car Rescue Lies
by: Anonymous

ask them to see the proof and they’ll send it to you…I’m now a believer

Jul 03, 2011 Big Cat Rescue Lies…and here’s the proof
by: Anonymous

it’s all here. ask to see the proof

Apr 12, 2011 Domestic Rabbit Abuser and Killer
by: Anonymous

This so called “Sanctuary” tortures and kills live domestic rabbits. If there is any justice the current investigation by several FL authorities into BCR will result in arrest to her and the workers who are involved in this unnecessary and barbaric animal cruelty, and this place will be shut down for all the animals who died there under her care. Like all the rabbits that were fed to Bobcats and other big cats then the cats died from unprofessional rehab. No ethical or professional rehab tortures and kills domestic rabbits nor do they feed or kill them to feed big cats, let alone throw them live into Bobcat pens. CB you are a disgrace to any wildlife center, you disgust true animal lovers and rescues. BCR not only breaks Florida animal cruelty laws but also promotes animal cruelty and justifies it with lies and ignorance. I am sure the deceased rabbits you tortured and killed are looking down hoping that when you are in jail they will give you toys and popsicles then dispose of you.

Mar 30, 2011 Thank You
by: Anonymous

I would like to take a minute to thank you for doing all this research, it was really interesting to read; I recently found BCR through a research project, and after becoming a fan on facebook got caught up in someone’s mudslinging campaign; that’s not to say they made no valid points or that they don’t have the right to them, but I went to do more in depth research in case I missed something but turned up a lot of blanks. This was very useful to me and I thank you for sharing it with us.

Mar 21, 2011 thanks
by: SEO

Is Big Cat Rescue a Scam? Thanks for sharing this with us. I find your cat unique and I wish you all the best. Best wishes! Established in 1982, Favortron Co. Ltd. has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing of a very wide array of wiring management products. The firm’s major product lines with different function there are Normal Heavy duty favortron cable clamps, Marker favortron cable ties. SUMAKE is your best one stop for SUMAKE air pumps and Belt type SUMAKE air compressors resource system, provides products, services and solutions that enhance our customers’ energy efficiency, productivity and operations.

Sep 27, 2010 I did my own research also
by: Joe Exotic

Now if you want the truth go there and see just like I did, I made a site of my own called and there is a live video to show the rat hole she has, the lies they tell and the proof of documents to show she is fake, a lier, and makes money off of her animals she bought. check it out for your self….

Sep 07, 2010 Maybe
by: Michael

Response to last comment. Maybe she has to? In order to defeat the “animal terrorists”. There are two camps. One likes to use animals for personal gain and the other likes to work for the welfare of animals. In which camp do you genuinely reside? In which camp do you think Carole Baskin resides?

Michael Avatar

May 06, 2010 Carole Baskin
by: Scammed by BCR

CArole Baskin will slander people, bash them and lie for her own gain. Stay away from her because she will only cause you turmoil and pain. She will lie about your circumstances for her own gain.

A Nightmare.

Apr 10, 2010 I know know the truth
by: Joe Exotic

Don’t know what happened to the first comment or what, maybe it is just slow. But I visited BCR my self just a couple of weeks ago and OMG, what a mess this place is in. Yes it should be considered a Scam and a back yard zoo. This place is a wreck, now I know why she picks on me so much because she is jelous. and yes I filed a complaint with the USDA and put my complaint public on so lets see if something is done about it. Lord knows PeTA wont because she is a primary donor to them. She got $20,000.00 to better the life of a black Leopard from Panther International, and look what a crap whole it is living in. Carole, now we have the truth so why dont you just stop slamming everyone else before We put YOU out of business.

Apr 10, 2010 Now we know the truth
by: Joe Exotic

Ok,I couldn’t understand why Carole Baskin picked on me and others so much. So I took a trip to Florida and OH MY GOD! What did I find, a pit whole of a so called Sanctuary, park, zoo, or what ever she wishes to call herself but it is the worst display of effection for animals I have ever seen. Why does she pick on me? Jelous, because my park is amazing compaired to hers. I took photos and logged a complaint, and put it all on line just so she knows I am not one of those who do everything behind someones back.

You may go to and see her big mess yourself.

Wow, Carole, you took $20,000.00 from the Panther International to help the Black Panther living in crap but, you live like a Queen? Know lets talk Scamsuary…….

Apr 10, 2010 Ya Right
by: Anonymous

Gee a whole web page dedicated to carol baskins lewis?

Either you are some wacko believer follower or carole, caroles friend, or daughter. Very biased report. What about the allegations of where her husband is? How bout where are the usda sheet which we have all seen about where the majority of the cats came from her own backyard the usda sheets are littered with born or purchased more so then transfered. Please spare us your pathetic attempt to glorify her actions. She exploits animals for profit. Period. If she was everything she claims to be not like. Then she would be closed to the public and there would be no night tours and all the other crap that goes on there when do the animals get a break from the public that place is 24 7 money train.

You don’t love animals either!

Hi Carole!

Feb 28, 2010 Is Big Cat Rescue a Sham?
by: Lynn Culver

Big Cat Rescue is presently doing what the title implies, taking in felines that, for various reasons, have lost their homes. BCR chooses high-profile cases that generate positive press and donation dollars.

Carole Baskin is misleading in their re-write of their own history. Carole Baskin is inaccurate and deceptive in her attacks of other facilities and owners. Carole Baskin is ignorant about conservation issues surrounding captive and wild conservation and does serious harm to felines.

When Carole wrote letters to stir up hatred and fear, of owners, and big cats, it harmed conservation. It put animals’ lives in jeopardy. Florida Fish and Wildlife regulates facilities and has detailed requirements for caging, handler experience, and nearness to neighbors, liability insurance, and much more. Neighbors have far more to fear from the countless dangers of city life, and accepted employment risks, than the regulated containment of these felines on private property.

Concerning the snow leopards, they were purchased from a licensed breeder. Whether this breeder is also a tax-exempt sanctuary is beside the point. The highly endangered snow leopards were transferred from AZA zoos to a facility that held all the proper federal licenses. Offspring were born at that facility and sold to the Lewis couple, which, at that time, portrayed themselves as licensed, experienced, professional breeders of wild felines, qualified to own and breed such large, endangered, and specialized feline.

I remember when Carole attended the LIOC convention with her recently declawed snow baby Hercules. Back then, WOES still operated with mixed goals, including amassing the most varied collection of exotic cats, and breeding rare cats for sale, as well as taking in some cats that needed another home.

Calling snow leopards ‘surplus’, by no means makes them ‘surplus’. Endangered species are all valuable. However in closed breeding pools, such as those managed by the AZA, some duplicates of genetic representation need to leave the pool to make room for other genetic representation, and these genetically valuable individuals get incorporated into another separate gene pool outside the AZA. Having two gene pools is redundant protection.

Snow leopard genetics should be bred, and should be maintained; they should not be selfishly acquired and held at sanctuaries. I disagree with Carole’s decision to purchase them and later not to breed them but still keep them, because she is actually harming the future survival of the private sector gene pools of snow leopards. Once she changed her mind about conservation breeding, she should have transferred the snow leopards to a licensed facility or zoo that does maintain and breed this species.

There is certainly a compelling reason not to remove snow leopards from the gene pool. They are critically endangered and should never have spent their lives at Big Cat Rescue. They were never a rescue.

Feb 01, 2010 another promo for Carole lewis Baskin’s cause
by: Anonymous

I’ll give this much to Carole, she spends a lot of time and effort campaigning herself and trying to clean up her past but to those of us that know the truth it won’t work. Just like one of the other comments, I know what you are up to. Just like deleting my comments on you 911 animal abuse site that did not go along with you smear campaing towards other sanctuaries you know absolutely nothing about. Try truly rescuing animals that need the help Carole and not just the one or two with big publicity (or high profile cases). We are all tired of your lies and bashing. Remeber you may have a lot of money to bash other people but what goes around comes around.

Feb 01, 2010 This is probably another carole baskins run site like the 911 animals abuse site dam she is good
by: Anonymous

Another carole baskins site where she smells like roses and does nothing wrong where’s your husband burp said the lion. Anyway biased reporting from either baskins, her kin or a crazy supporter. Let’s get real who really spends there time creating elaborate blogs about sanctuarys without getting paid no one. NICE TRY CAROLE AND FRIENDS. The real topic is how on earth can you kill your husband take over all his money and get away with it only in america. Dig into that blogger. NOONE spends this time for another person unless they are another nutty tree hugger hypocrite like carole. Crap look at all those links over there. Your investigation appears totally biased and you fail to mention the new report busting her breeding and the videos collecting donations on cats that she breed with fake abuse stories. She rescued most of these cats from loving homes and there is a paper trail to prove it she won’t let you see the usda sheets they are available to the public though. Anyways my comment will be deleted since it is not in you best interest. BYE Carole and friends

Jan 07, 2010 not even close
by: joe exotic

You did a wonderful job on this site, but the problem with carole is she is slinging mud at people she really knows nothing about, it is about who can raise the most money and she must think slamming me she can get more donations pulled to her side. She does not even know me nor does she know what my place looks like in real life, if she did she would be ashamed of her own place. I do nothing now that she dont do or did do to make a better place for her animals. I admit to everything I do and not ashamed of any of it. I just dont see what she gets out of taking so much energy bashing me vs caring for her own cats and facility open to the public. We all do what we have to, but none of us hurt animals. The funny thing is she takes all her information off of peta’s website which we all know is wrong. Come see my place, lets set down and look at the facts and the records, and I will prove you are very wrong. Pass up that invite and than lets see who has something to hide. I saw Carole on bay news 9 busted on tv in the act of lying. This is your invite Baskin, come to okalhoma and lets see who rescues and lets see who lives high off the hog off of the animals donations.

Joe Exotic

Nov 23, 2009 Good of you to visit.
by: Michael

Hi Carole, thank you for visiting and commenting. It is nice of you.

Nov 23, 2009 Thanks For Researching This Topic
by: Carole Baskin

Your webpage came to me via a google alert and I was pleasantly surprised to see that you took the time to research the allegations and evidence. I try to make sure that I can fully back up any statement that I make so it was nice to see that you took the time to weigh the facts and present your conclusions.

Hillside Haven Cat Sanctuary

by Elisa Black-Taylor

Hillside Haven Garden

Hillside Haven Garden

Hillside Haven Garden Sponsor Luna or another cat Dr. Taryn Turner Three rescues

Good morning readers. Today is another "good story day" for the cats. I'm just not ready to go back to all of the bad news in the cat world.

I'd like to tell the readers at about Hillside Haven, located in Durban, South Africa. Hillside Haven is a cat sanctuary for differently-abled cats. Below is their mission statement taken off their website at: Hillside Haven.

"Hillside Haven, a home for differently-abled cats and various other rescued animals.

We provide sanctuary and healthcare for the animals so that they can lead a full and happy life.

Hillside Haven aims to educate the public about responsible pet ownership and differently-abled cats and the possibilities they can still have as loving pets.

View Larger Map

Based in Durban, South Africa, Hillside Haven is an organization which relies solely on the goodwill and financial support of its dedicated volunteers and especially from the general public.

Due to space and financial constrictions, Hillside Haven can ONLY take in differently-abled cats, and does not act as a re-homing or general rescue organization."

This wonderful sanctuary was started in 1999 by Dr. Taryn Turner after she rescued a kitten who had fallen off of a roof. She was on holiday at the time and took the kitten back to Durban with her. Thus, Hillside Haven was created.

I find it interesting how many stories I do on cat rescuers who "accidentally" get into the cat sanctuary area of the cat world.

Taryn actually began rescuing animals as a child and became involved with Animal Rights work at the age of 12. Her team at Hillside Haven includes Carrie Sanders (Vice President) and Clair McPhail (website manager). These women also have other jobs besides the sanctuary. Clair is a stay at home mom (one of the toughest jobs out there) and Carrie works for an internet marketing company. Taryn is a Registered Homeopathic and Qualified Advanced Doula at Montclaire Medical Centre in Durban.

It's amazing how many women have full time jobs and are raising a family and still manage to find time to help the cats of the world. Kudos ladies!

Although off the subject a little, a Doula involves serving a pregnant woman and here's a link to check out the services a Doula performs. I've never heard the word before and had to check it out. A little extra education never hurt anyone.

Taryn uses her homeopathic experience to complement traditional medical treatment at the sanctuary.

There are cats up for adoption at the sanctuary and information can be found on their website.

Another reason for my showcasing Hillside Haven is the different methods they're using to raise funds for their sanctuary. Their website has a donation button which allows supporters to make a monthly donation through PayPal. They also offer Kitty Krunchyz! premium cat food to raise funds. I enjoy writing about cat organizations that know how to use business knowledge to their advantage. The monthly donation simplifies supporting Hillside Haven, and the sale of cat food is an excellent idea. It's sad, but many people won't support an organization without getting something tangible in return. They also have animals available, including Luna (pictured above) for sponsorship.

Unfortunately, the cat sanctuary is hurting from the bad economy. Funds from the government and those who support private charities are going to people and not pets. My final reason for writing an article about Hillside Haven is they are in serious need of financial help to keep the electricity turned on. It's been turned off twice in the past few months.

Cat food, water and medical supplies take precedence over electricity, as it should. A chip in page has been started to make donations easy and can be found here - link broken March 2013. Or Taryn can be contacted at to check on what payment form would help the cats the soonest.

I've sent a message to Dr. Taryn Turner and asked her to add her comments or provide any information I may have missed.

Also, I invite the readers here to give a little praise to the ladies at Hillside Haven for the hard work they perform in providing a better quality of life for the cats.

Donate a few dollars if possible. Every little bit helps.

For the record, Hillside Haven is also into bird, dog and reptile rescue. I kept the article subject on cats so the readers here won't be offended.



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Hillside Haven Cat Sanctuary

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Nov 08, 2010
great story
by: KATHY /W

Its so great to get some good news from somewhere in the world today. Cats are so misunderstood and mistreated whereever you go. Thanks for the great story.

Nov 01, 2010
Well done!
by: Kim

I have been to Hillside Haven and can tell all your readers that Taryn does everything that she can possibly do for the kitties.
It is a great organisation to support!

Oct 31, 2010
Thank you Elisa
by: Ruth

What a wonderful story about that Sanctuary, it cheered me up so much on a really gloomy depressing bad news day to read it and see those photos.
I would love to donate some money to help, it can't be immediately as I don't have any, but I won't forget for sometime in the future when/if it's possible.
My late mother would say 'God is good, if He doesn't come He sends'
I live in hope that He does, on behalf of all needy cats.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Oct 30, 2010
Thank you Taryn
by: Elisa Black-Taylor

I love a story where I can start out with a picture of cats enjoying the garden life. I've been lucky that the site owner Michael allows me the freedom to choose my own topics. I could never write otherwise.

Please tell your friends about the site. They can submit stories about their own cats.

I hope the story helps your financial situation. I think the whole world is in trouble moneywise.

Oct 30, 2010
Thank you from Hillside Haven!
by: Dr Taryn Turner

Thank you so much for featuring us on your wonderful site. No matter how hard it is at times, we are fully committed to helping our differently-abled fur-children.

Our most recent arrivals are Buddy and Lily, two twisty kittens who are currently living in my bedroom until they are big enough to move out into the cat garden. You can read their story here:

Buddy and Lily

Once again, thank you for your support

Ciao for Meow

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