North Carolina’s The Goathouse Refuge for cats survived a gun range but can it survive?

Siglinda with Dusty, an 18y old neglect case survivor

This post about a cat refuge in North Carolina surviving against the odds is headed with a fine photograph of two beautiful beings: the refuge’s owner – such a sweet lady – and one of her cats; an elderly 18-year-old called Dusty. Both have sweet expressions. Such tenderness and love. It leaps from the page. please continue reading

Bizarre incident in which a cat sanctuary is broken into and cats are missing and dead

I see this as a bizarre incident. I can’t understand it. The newspapers have described it as a burglary of an animal sanctuary. However, the owners of the sanctuary have started a crowdfunding plea for money on the website … please continue reading

Cat Rescue: The metaphor of a revolving door

Despite the best efforts of everyone concerned, little Elizabeth tragically died as a result of her burns. So sad. Her death opened a door for Liza. Liza has had her share of abuse or neglect. She is the survivor of … please continue reading