Banned cat sanctuary owner believed in homeopathy and not vets

The Cat Survival Trust

The owner of a large cat sanctuary has been informed that he will face a ban from owning animals following his conviction on animal welfare charges. Terrence Moore, who runs the Cat Survival Trust in Welwyn, Hertfordshire, was convicted on four counts of causing unnecessary suffering to animals. The court heard that the 77-year-old …

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Rescue and domestic cats need their personal space (peripersonal space) like humans

Rescue cats enjoy their personal space at Ernesto's Sanctuary in Syria

Rescue cats and domestic cats and indeed feral cats in colonies, all need their personal space just like humans. These photographs clearly illustrate this aspect of their character. When food arrives, they prioritise getting the food over the need for personal space and come together. Immediately I saw these photographs of rescue cats at …

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Founder of cat sanctuary vents her anger at person who abandoned cats

Cats dumped at cat shelter anonymously and secretively

Funny Farm Rescue & Sanctuary founder and sole owner and operator, a gutsy, determined and committed women, Laurie Zaleski, vents her anger at the unknown person who secretively abandoned 21 cats outside her cat sanctuary. She is right to do it. This is the sort of person I admire. Not a lot of people …

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Cats and dogs are calmer at shelters when they are selected online because of the coronavirus pandemic

Assisi kitten

NEWS AND VIEWS (COMMENT): Because of Covid-19, one animal shelter in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Assisi Animal Sanctuary, is using the Internet as a means to present their animals to potential adopters in order to comply with social distancing, to minimise the spread of the virus. In doing this they then allow an applicant to …

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Ernesto’s Sanctuary for Syrian Cats‏ – First ‘external’ cat is spayed for free

First cat brought in to the clinic for spaying

I am reporting on Syrian cats in Syria. The pictures and words come from Ernesto’s Sanctuary for Syrian Cats on Twitter. It is nice to see this for 2 reasons. The cats, like the humans, in Syria have gone through hard times and sometimes hellish times. Secondly, Syria is where it is believed the …

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