Cat scratches litter box walls and digs a lot

A query about a domestic cat scratching her litter box walls may also be part of a general enquiry about why their cat is digging in their litter substrate too much. It looks like slightly manic and abnormal behaviour and it is slightly abnormal but there is a natural and normal reason for it. …

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Why do cats rub their faces on you?

Feline allorubbing

Cats rub their faces on their human guardians to improve the bond between them. Scent glands On each side of a domestic cat’s face there are four glands. These glands are the temporal gland, the cheek gland, the perioral gland and the submandibular gland. The glands produce scent. The scent is used to marks …

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Humans hate their body odour but cats love it

BO chemical in humans - thioalcohol

A lot has been written about the domestic cat’s dependence on scent. They depend upon it in so many aspects of their lives. It is crucially important to them. They love the scent of their human guardians. The bedroom is a “scent soaker” according to Jackson Galaxy. He means that the bedroom is dripping …

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Why do cats join you in the bathroom?

Why do cats join us in the bathroom?

Often the reason why cats join you in the bathroom is because through the scent of your faeces and urine you have advertised your presence and metaphorically given them a calling card and an invitation to come. The word ‘bathroom’ in America euphemistically means a toilet. You could rephrase the question, ‘Why do cats …

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Video which shows us how important human scent is to domestic cat companions

Scent as a attractant to domestic cat

As a cat guardian you can’t underestimate the importance of scent (aka body odour) to the domestic cat. It seems that their world revolves around smell. It is at least the equal of sight to our cats. Cats use scent as a tool to confirm the identity of humans i.e. whether they know the …

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In a choice, interacting with people beats eating for domestic cats

A study published in August 2017 on the website comes to the conclusion that the domestic cat, in a choice between eating food and interacting with humans, prefers the latter. I’ll have to presume that the human has to be a person that the cat gets on very well with because obviously this …

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4 reasons why your cat licks herself where you have petted her

Stroking a cat can encourage the cat to self-groom

A few times I have endeavoured to answer the question as to why cats lick themselves where you pet them. It’s a perennial question and one which fascinates a lot of people. We don’t know for sure what the answer is but I think I now have the more credible answer. There are four …

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