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Cat scent glands locations

Where are cats’ scent glands located?

I prepared a diagram some years ago which shows where a cat’s scent glands are located. Here it is: If you want to read more the scent glands of the domestic or feral cats...

Cat bum Photo by Auntie P on Flickr

Why do cats put their bums in your face?

Although cats don’t always put their bums in your face, they do it enough to question what is going on. It is particularly noticeable for humans because we are inherently squeamish about toilet matters...

Cat detection dog

Cat Detection Dog

Handsome Molly is a cat detection dog and the only one in the UK. She has been trained to find missing cats. This has got to be a brilliant idea. Colin Butcher runs Pet...

Cat spraying against walls

Cat Peeing On Walls

A cat peeing on walls inside the home is scent marking territory. Strictly speaking it is not what is euphemistically described as ‘inappropriate elimination’ because the cat’s objective is not to eliminate urine because...

How do tigers recognize each other?

How do tigers recognize each other?

It seems fair to suggest that tigers use facial markings to recognize each other combined with their body scent (odor). In other words, they use appearance and smell to identify neighbors and relatives. This...

Cats loves shoes

Cats Love Shoes

Cats love shoes. They love your scent inside shoes. Here are 9 photos to prove it! Cats can indulge in scent exchange inside a shoe! They deposit their scent onto the shoe and take...

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