Ragdoll cat put cat sitter in hospital for 4 days plus 3 weeks off work

Haze an aggressive Ragdoll cat

The Ragdoll as many know is one of the most laid-back cat breeds; perhaps the most laid back as they are selectively breed to have placid characters. However, they are domestic cats like any other at heart. Don’t believe all you read on social media and in news media. Here is a photo of …

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Why do cats scratch some owners more than others?

Stress and irritability can lead to more cat scratches

I’d like to focus on one aspect of cat caregiving and a vital one. There is no doubt that a small percentage of cat owners are scratched by their cat not infrequently while other cat owners are hardly ever scratched. We don’t have percentages as there is no data on this. Socialised and healthy …

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Tip: allow your cat 15 mins when coming indoors to lose their ‘wild mode’ to avoid scratches

Domestic cat wild mode is still running when they enter the home through the cat flap

In the inimitable words of Dr. Desmond Morris in his excellent book on cat behaviour CATWATCHING the cat caregiver should be aware of the fact that their cat leads a double life. “The cat leads a double life. In the home it is an overgrown kitten gazing up at its human owners. Out on …

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What is worse, a cat bite or a cat scratch?

Claw and teeth of cat

Starting with the presumption that the scratch and bite are of about equal severity, to answer the question the title I think we have to look at two things: The frequency with which bacteria is transferred from cats to people through their teeth compared to through their claws and; The ‘potency’ of the bacteria …

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Cat scratches woman’s face multiple times in row over infidelity

Arguing women

NEWS AND COMMENT-FLORIDA, USA: I don’t have an awful lot on this story which is of interest to me because it’s about a domestic cat being used in a dispute between two women who apparently live together. I want to get something off my chest before I discuss the story. A lot of American …

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Presenting the back of your hand when greeting a domestic cat

Presenting the back of the hand when greeting a cat

There are advantages to presenting the back of your hand when greeting a domestic cat, including your own cat. I always do it. This may be because my cat is a former feral cat and is perhaps a little twitchier than your average domestic cat. However, I have found that if I inadvertently wave …

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Cat scratch can make you schizophrenic but antibiotics fixes the problem. Discussion.

Stretch marks caused by cat scratch disease?

There have been rumblings for a while about the possibility of a cat scratch rarely leading to a disease called ‘cat scratch fever’ which in turn might cause mental health issues in the victim, specifically schizophrenia/schizoaffective disorder (SCZ/SAD). It sounds alarming and cat lovers will be hollering from the rooftops that it is just …

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How much damage could a domestic cat do to a human?

Woman pets stray cat causing rabies alert

There are two ways to answer the question, (1) the physical damage that a domestic cat can cause to the human body and (2) the monetary damage a domestic cat can cause to a person’s wallet! The second sort of damage came to me through the Quora.com website as did the question in the …

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