Will I be okay after being scratched by a feral cat?

Someone asked on Quora.com: Will I be okay after being scratched by a feral cat? The answer to this question depends on which country you live. In the UK, rabies has been eliminated. In the USA it has not. This simple fact alters the way a person responds to being scratched by a feral …

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Cat Scratch Fever Caused Erectile Dysfunction in This Man

Cat scratches

A twenty-three-year-old man living in Belgium suffered from erectile dysfunction because he had been scratched by a cat at his home – that’s the diagnosis. We don’t know whether the cat belonged to him or somebody else. Importantly, we don’t know where the cat scratched him! It invokes an interesting image in one’s mind …

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Rabies alert because woman pets a stray cat

Woman pets stray cat causing rabies alert

In countries where there is rabies, unless you are engaged in TNR work and know the cats and are an experienced feral cat handler, don’t pet stray or feral cats because they are unsocialised. They might become anxious when petted no matter how fond of them you are. No matter how sensitive you are …

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