cat separation anxiety

Guy says: “This year has been rough so I adopted this cat and things have been better”.

The statement sums up the benefits that living with a domestic cat companion can bring you. "Snuggle cats" is a…

1 month ago

Workers won’t return to the office which is good for their pets and bad for the economy

In the UK, there is an advert in the London Underground system. It advertises a disinfectant manufactured by Dettol. The…

2 months ago

Study says that cats are prone to separation anxiety in homes with two female residents

Study found that were there are 2 female residents in a home cats are more likely to have separation anxiety.

7 months ago

What do domestic cats do when humans aren’t around?

What do domestic cats do when humans aren't around? Humans are companions of domestic cats by definition. And domestic cats…

7 months ago

Domestic cat makes weird cat sound but how weird is it?

Kelso, Washington, USA: Elizabeth Opdycke, 22, and her husband, Michael, must have sent a video of their cat calling from…

9 months ago

BBC viewers criticise the BBC article ‘My boyfriend dumped me but how do I tell my cat?’

On the BBC Newswatch television programme, hosted currently by Samira Ahmed, viewers called in and criticised the BBC Trending news…

9 months ago

How long can I leave my cat home alone?

We have to rely on personal experience and the experience of others to decide how long we can leave cats…

11 months ago

Why does this famous actress’s Persian cat poop around her in a circle while she sleeps?

On the Late Show with James Corden, Kate Beckinsale, the well-known actress, admits that a Persian cat that she inherited…

2 years ago

Is it fair on our cats to leave them alone all day?

Do cat owners know what their cat is up to when they are away at work all day? Do they…

2 years ago

How do you combine cat ownership and work?

Marc in Switzerland will tell you how to do it. He is an expert. This article is not a criticism…

7 years ago