Sexist Cat Fanciers’ Association bars boy calico cat from winning at cat show

Sexist Cat Fanciers' Association bars boy calico cat from winning at cat show

With tongue in cheek, I’m alleging that the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) is being sexist when it bars male calico cats from winning at cat shows. You may know that male calico cats are very rare. It is said that they are 1 in 3,000 and when they are fertile they are even rarer. …

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The inside story on the cat breeder and cat show judge accused of hoarding cats

Cat in cage at breeders

This is a follow-up article to the one written by Elisa about the cat breeder/cat show judge who allegedly hoarded cats. You can click on the link below to read the story. Anonymous tipster posts pictures online and accuses cat breeder and cat show judge of animal cruelty This follow-up post adds some context …

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In cat and dog shows it is the people who need to be watched more

Dodgy people at cat and dog shows

Crufts is the world’s biggest dog show. There are 18,400 UK bred dogs at the show this year. There is the largest ever foreign contingent because the government relaxed quarantine laws in 2001. There are 2,987 overseas dogs. With this increased contingent comes increased competition and it is not the dogs who are competing …

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First Cat Show

photograph copyright LaVon Fabian Introduction – First Cat Show This article is for people who are contemplating going to their first cat show. The context is Bengal Cats but the procedure is for all cat shows. If your Bengal is registered and has at least 3 generations of registered Bengal cats in their breeding …

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Cat Curtains

I know, I know…cat curtains to you does not mean a picture of a cat pepping through curtains! But how do I know for sure? Anyway I like the picture, and cats and curtains go together like apple pie and ice cream! What I expect that people are looking for when they search for …

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