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Kittens social playing

Why do sibling cats fight?

I think that we can break this down into 3 headings (1) kitten play-fighting (2) dominant males or females in a group and submissive cats (2) grown-up siblings who have become independent and no...

Four kittens - the average litter size

Do cat siblings get along?

Yes and no is the answer. People want to know because they are thinking about adopting two cats together so they have an instant companion for life. Jackson Galaxy advocates adopting two cats from...

You should adopt two kittens in a litter if possible

Should I adopt one or two kittens?

People ask themselves, “Should I adopt one or two kittens when I go to the cat shelter?”. Personally, I’ve always felt that it’s best to adopt two kittens. I am pleased to say that...

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