The most vulnerable time for a domestic cat is when their owner is away on holiday

Nema Benati and here Chinchilla Persian, Bartolo, who was lost while Nema was on holiday and Bartolo was with family

This is a little note about the vulnerability of domestic cats when their owner goes away on holiday. A cat detective, Said Beid, in Italy who is currently searching for a chinchilla Persian who lives with a social media influencer, Nima Benati, said that he is busiest when cat owners go away on holiday …

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‘Stunning’ French chateau available for free – you just need to care for 2 cats

Live here for free by looking after 2 cats

This opportunity is available as I write this. It is a château near Toulouse, France. It’s a request to house sit a couple of domestic cats between 8-24 July 2022, on my understanding of the advert. You have the opportunity to live in this beautiful property for free provided you look after the cats. …

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Pet and house sitters who can work away from the office travel internationally

Claire Brummell

There is a breed of person who are in employment (employee or self-employed) and their work does not require that they attend the office; they can work at home and home can be anywhere on the planet because these people are also international house and pet sitters. They are on-call internationally and can fly …

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A London “cat man” has devised a system: Free housesitting in exchange for a temporary place to live

cat sitting

A London “cat man” has devised a system where he can forgo the expense of paying rent in the city while at the same time providing a valuable service free of charge. Matt Weatherall offers free housesitting where he keeps a home safe from burglars, waters houseplants and feeds the family cat. He’s done …

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