Cats are ideal pets now with one flaw but what about the future?

The future domestic cat

Domestic cats are already adapting to modern human living but what about the long term future, the 22nd and 23rd centuries? Cats are more sociable than they were when first domesticated some 9,500 to perhaps even 14,500 years ago. However, they are a cat’s whisker away from their wild cat ancestor in terms of …

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Why do cats move their heads from side to side?

Pre-lunge in attack or jumping may include head swaying

You might have noticed that when a domestic cat is (a) jumping precisely onto a platform of some description or (b) preparing to make their final pounce when attacking, they sometimes sway their heads rhythmically from side to side. This is a method employed by many predators who have binocular vision. You’ll see head …

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The four-month-old kitten who climbed the Matterhorn


Domestic cats can climb with great efficiency and expertise. They have stamina and persistence combined with excellent balance, sharp claws and a flexible body. This kitten used all these attributes to climb unaided to the summit of one of the highest mountains in the Alps and Europe in August 1950. The newspaper clipping of …

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There’s no ball without noise: cats’ prediction of an object from noise

I am going to translate into layman’s language the title and the quote below both of which are taken from a scientific study. Cats used a causal-logical understanding of auditory stimuli to predict the appearance of invisible objects. The ecology of cats’ natural hunting style may favor the ability for inference on the basis …

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