Is your cat sneezing blood? What could it be?

Firstly sneezing is a sign of nasal irritation and is a reflex action. Sneezing can be caused by (1) a minor nasal irritation or allergy (2) dust, pollens, cigarette smoke etc. (3) feline viral respiratory disease – the first signs of (4) foreign body in the nose (5) bacterial infection. Prolonged sneezing can cause …

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Reverse Cat Sneezing

Reverse cat sneezing is uncommon and usually harmless although it must sound odd. Both before and after the episode the cat is normal. The scientific name is: Laryngospasm For dogs, especially dogs which are bred to extreme with abnormally round heads (brachycephalic skulls) it is more common. In fact, my internet research indicates that …

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Animal Shelter Spaying and Neutering

Is there a danger of your cat being infected with a contagious disease when attending an animal shelter for low cost spaying or neutering operations? And if so, how big is the risk? Is it bigger than at a vet’s clinic? I really don’t know the answer but it could be relevant to decision …

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