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Cat talking

When your cat talks, what does she usually say?

When your cat talks, what does she usually say? When a domestic cat ‘speaks’ she is usually requesting something using the meow sound which varies tremendously in volume, tone and frequency depending on the...

Leopard vocalisations

Long-range cat sounds (vocalizations)

The long-range cat sounds (vocalisations) that we know well are the roars of the roaring big cats: lion, tiger, jaguar and leopard. I’ll start with these iconic wild cat species. Tiger This is what...

Cat sounds how to spell them

Cat sounds: how to spell them

Here is a full list of cat sounds and how to spell them. Readers need to know that although there is an big overlap in the sounds made by domestic and wild cats, there...

Cat howls at water bowl

Cat Howls At Water Bowl

Your cat howling at the water bowl is not uncommon it seems to me because there are a lot of posts on this particular topic on the Internet. Invariably the cat’s owner is trying...

Why do mountain lions chirp?

I am convinced that a calling sound made by the mountain lion is the same sound with two names. This is because the sound is hard to describe and is a cross between a chirp and a whistle.

Cats saying nom nom nom while eating. Why?

Cats make this strange sound (of which there are many variations) because they are hungry and they are enjoying their food. There is also an element of being defensive of their food by which...

Why won’t my cat stop meowing at night?

I am going to answer the question without reference to books or the internet. I think I can do this because there is a common sense element to this question. Disagree? Tell me. Don’t...

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