What do leopard cats sound like?

Leopard cat

On paper leopard cats make a range of sounds which are similiar to those of domestic cats such as the purr, meow, spit, hiss and growl. But here is the thing: their versions of these sounds are not the same. The nice camera trap video below illustrates the point. Leopard cats growl. Domestic cats …

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Do Asian leopard cats purr?

Asiatic leopard cat

Yes, the leopard cat or Asiatic leopard cat purrs. The vocal repertoire of this small wild cat includes the typical growl, hiss, spit, meow, purr and gurgle. However the leopard cat’s versions of these typical (except for the gurgle) domestic cat sounds are different to the ones with which we are familiar. They always …

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The real reason why cats purr

To purr is feline

You can work out the real reason why domestic cats purr by observing when they do it. There was a time when people believed that the purr simply meant that their cat was contented. But there’s more to it than that. Thanks to the repeated observation of domestic cat behaviour we know that cats …

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Domestic cat makes weird cat sound but how weird is it?

Elizabeth with Clark and Bea their other cat

Kelso, Washington, USA: Elizabeth Opdycke, 22, and her husband, Michael, must have sent a video of their cat calling from an area of their home to the Daily Mail online. The sound that their cat, Clark, makes is clearly unusual. It is definitely a call to attract the attention of the significant others in …

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