Brilliant white, deaf Norwegian Forest Cat loves long cycle rides in London

Travis and Sigi

This is a story with lessons! Lots of them. It concerns a proactive, positive man, Travis Nelson, who suffered from depression to suicidal levels in San Francisco, California after he lost his job but successfully turned his life around while providing an exciting life full of mental stimulation for his brilliant white, clear blue-eyed, …

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Domestic cats and humans need to be active for their health

I'm exhausted from playing!

This is a short note about cat caregiving. I am concerned at the growing trend to keep domestic cats inside full-time. It is very good in one way: safety from physical injury, usually by motor vehicles but bad in another namely a lack of activity and boredom. Do these two cancel each other out? …

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Cat ‘training is logical’ – informal and formal training

Training a cat is a good thing for 3 reasons

The phrase “training is logical” comes from Dr. Bruce Fogle (Complete Cat Care). I think that it is an interesting phrase. It implies that caregivers should be training their cat as a matter of course. And it makes sense because informal training is going on constantly. From cat to person and vice versa. The …

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Why do domestic cats self-harm sometimes?

Cat over-grooming

Self-harm in cats is often a displacement activity. This is a complicated topic because even the experts don’t really have a handle on it and it often concerns mental health. In the same way that self-harming in people concerns mental health. I believe that there is a distinct overlap between self-harming in people and …

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My cat joins me on my walk to buy the newspaper at 06:30 (video)!

Gabs, my cat, joins me in buying the newspaper at 6.30 am

This casually made video is of my cat accompanying me on my daily walk to the local petrol (gas) station to buy the newspaper. Note: I added the blizzard for fun. It was cold, dark and wet but there was no blizzard 😊. Blizzards are pretty rare in the UK in the south. The …

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Do feral cats sleep as much as domestic cats?

Feral cat pictures

I’m sure that you can answer the question without much thought. Common sense dictates that feral cats do not sleep as much as domestic cats. The reason: they have to survive on their wits. They have to be alert. They have to find their food (non-TNR cats!). There is less time to relax and …

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Outside window cleaner on 22nd floor plays with a domestic cat

Indoor apartment cat intrigued with the activities of the window cleaner

I believe that there are a lot of apartment cats enjoying their moments with window cleaners outside, often hundreds of feet above ground. I bumped into three stories today on the Internet and the one that I’m featuring here is but one example. Scooter, lives on the 22nd floor of an apartment block in …

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Pictures of hiking and trekking cats

Hiking and trekking cat

Here are some pictures of hiking and trekking cats. For the adventurous cat owner in the lower age bracket, perhaps in their 20s, this sort of staycation road trip activity with their cat is proving to be more popular. It seems that some cat owners have taken the time and patience to train their …

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