Why does stress exacerbate cystitis in domestic cats?

How does stress exacerbate feline cystitis

Well, I wanted to find out more about this topic because although like many others I know that a lot of cases of feline cystitis (bladder inflammation) are idiopathic (unknown cause) it is often made worse by stress. But it is hard to see a connection between stress and a bacterial infection of the …

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Domestic cats recognise through sight and sound certain human emotions and respond

Domestic cats recognise human emotions from sound and appearance

Summary of a scientific study: “Emotion Recognition in Cats” The report concerns the results of a study on cats’ ability to recognize and respond to emotional expressions in both conspecifics (other cats) and humans. The study found that cats were able to match visual and auditory signals of certain emotions, such as “hiss” from …

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24 facts on problems with multi-cat households and some solutions

Multi-cat home problems

People make the mistake that two cats will automatically be company for each other. They might sometimes but often they don’t become friends. In the worst-case scenario, it may be necessary to rehome one of them. When siblings grow up, they may be no more friendly with each other than unrelated cats. They become …

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Infographic on anxiety-reducing products for domestic cats

Anxiety-reducing products for cats

Anxiety is a massive issue with domestic cats. It is often a hidden condition because cats hide their anxiety and sometimes their caregiver is insufficiently involved with their cat to recognise it. But if a cat is hiding a lot and behaves in a fearful way, he/she will be feeling anxious. And you can …

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Infographic on 12 reasons why a cat might mess in the home

Infographic on 12 reasons why a cat might mess their home

Well, I think that this extensively covered problem is nicely told in an infographic. So, here it is. It is free to use as stated in the caption. So called inappropriate elimination is a really a euphemism. It means that the cat is actually eliminating appropriately from their perspective but their owner doesn’t like …

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Stress should not be a death sentence for shelter animals. Discuss.

Dog in pound in the US

The words of the title come from Nathan Winograd, America’s leading expert on animal shelters and one of the country’s leading animal advocates. He is referring to new legislation for New York State that came into force recently having been signed off by New York Gov Kathy Hotchul. Nathan Winograd argued very cogently against …

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Cat locked out of bedroom defecates and pees on the living room sofa and is called an ‘asshole’

Cats and babies in harmony together

Here is a very typical “bad cat behaviour problem”. And, in reality, it is not a bad cat behaviour problem at all but a human-created problem. Husband and wife have a baby and the baby sleeps in the bedroom with them. All very normal. For years the family cat slept in the bedroom with …

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In cat detectivism the blacklight is your best friend

UV light detects urine stain

Cat detectivism is a phrase coined by Jackson Galaxy to describe figuring out what is behind cat behavior problems such as peeing in the wrong place. You have to approach it in a business-like manner without emotion by relying on the facts. And to uncover the facts the blacklight is useful. ‘Blacklight’ refers to …

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