‘Red’ a female tabby cat at an Aussie shelter needs a home urgently PLEASE!

Red is a tabby-and-white female rescue cat at a large shelter in Australia and she needs a new home urgently, please!

I would like to introduce ‘Red’, a charming but regular looking tabby cat who is sadly stuck at a large Australian animal shelter owned and managed by the Australian Animal Protection Society. She was surrendered by her owners in September of last year not because she was a problem to them in any way …

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Veterinarians who declaw cats lie when they say the operation saves lives

Cat playing using claws

A study has found that there has been no increase in surrendered cats following British Columbia’s declawing ban. When veterinarians who declaw defend their behaviour in debates about banning declawing – usually at discussions before a proposed citywide ban or state ban – they invariably say that declawing saves the lives of cats because …

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In preparation for 4th July an animal shelter pleads with people to stop surrendering their pets

Night drop for shelter animals

A Riverside County animal shelter is pleading with cat and dog owners to stop surrendering unwanted animals until after 4 July. This particular shelter has a night drop zone where people can surrender their cats and dogs anonymously overnight. It is meant to be used for vulnerable animals in need and without homes but …

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Rare surrendering of cat and dog ‘couple’ at shelter

Cat and dog 'couple' surrendered at same time at Boston animal shelter

“They love each other. They feel calm and supported when they’re near each other…” This is another first for me: a story about a ‘couple’ – a cat and a little dog – who were surrendered together in the same carrier to a shelter because their ‘owners’ were unable to find a home for …

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Please share! Adopted and returned VERY sweet, female rescue cat needs pledges, rescue or adoption

Captain Squeakers a very sweet rescue cat needing adoption

This is bright-eyed Captain Squeakers. She was originally surrendered by her owner because it was said that she didn’t get along with the other cats. The owner reported that she is a sweet girl and gets along with kids (but it seems not small children – see below). She was adopted as a rescue …

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