In Arkansas, USA a lost pet can be seized and sold by the authorities even if it is tagged, ID tattooed and chipped

Bibi with her owners

A civil compensation case concerning a lost purebred dog, Bibi, going through the Arkansas courts has resulted in a judgement by the state’s Court of Appeals that a lost pet can be picked up by animal control and adopted out without notification to the owner even if the animal can be fully identified through …

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Acutely self-indulgent tattooed man imposes his attitudes on his Sphynx cat (video)

tattooed cat

This is sad and pathetic as far as I am concerned. As a cat owner you don’t impose your attitudes about your preferred appearance on your cat especially when it relates to tattooing. This bloke is obsessed with dark, gothic tattoos. That’s fine. He can do what he likes to his skin provided it …

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More cat owners should ensure that their cat has some form of identification

I have always noticed that the figures for reuniting cat owner with lost cat are much lower than those for dogs. A study in 2011 found that only between 2% and 5% of cats in shelters are reunited with their owners. This should not surprise people because a substantial proportion of cats at shelters …

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Cattoo Pictures

Cattoos are cat tattoos. Perhaps, that is obvious. There are some amazing cat tattoos out there. Tattoos are growing in popularity. High profile individuals such as David Beckham indirectly promote them. He is a massive fan of them. What is the reason behind their popularity? I’ll have to speculate. In an increasingly difficult world …

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