Will my cat enjoy his food more after teeth cleaning?

Cat teeth cleaning at a veterinary clinic

The question really comes from a Reddit.com post in which the owner of an old cat asks whether her cat will feel better after he has had the hard calculus (tartar) removed from around his teeth by her veterinarian. She almost answers the question herself. Her cat was sedated rather than anaesthetised generally which …

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Calling all kitten adopters. Start them on chicken bones!

This is the advice of Dr Bruce Fogle DVM MRVS, the world’s best-known veterinarian/author. By birth he is Canadian, living in England. “I was born on February 17, 1944 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where I was raised and educated, graduating in 1970 with a DVM degree (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) from the Ontario Veterinary …

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8 tips on battling periodontal disease in domestic cats

2 tools to better feline oral health

Dental hygiene chews, and a mixture of dry and wet can help maintain feline oral health combined with owner checks on oral health and teeth cleaning. Update: I’m writing this a day later. I bought some dental hygiene chews on Amazon. They look like small dry cat food pellets. They are not chewy. My …

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Does dry cat food clean teeth?

Persian cat likes Hills Oral Care

Manufacturers make large pellet dry cat food on the promise that it helps to clean teeth through abrasion. The theory is that the cat chews on the large pellet which ensures that the food rubs against the teeth and gum line helping to remove plaque and tartar. This then helps to prevent gum disease …

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Do cats abandon their kittens if you touch them?

Newborn kitten dumped in trash can by teenagers

With reference to domestic and feral cats, mothers do not abandon their newborn kittens if you touch them. But the question opens the door to a much bigger topic and before I address that topic, I will expand on the first sentence. Most queens (intact female cat usually used for breeding) become anxious “when …

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Guilt-ridden cat owner’s British Shorthair brain damaged during dental cleaning

Cat was brained damaged during teeth cleaning

Introduction I have written about this before. There is a risk when a domestic cat is taken to the veterinarian to have their teeth cleaned. I believe that veterinarians tend to underplay the risk. They might say that one in several thousand cats suffer brain damage or die because of the anaesthetic. My research …

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