Guilt-ridden cat owner’s British Shorthair brain damaged during dental cleaning

Cat was brained damaged during teeth cleaning

Introduction I have written about this before. There is a risk when a domestic cat is taken to the veterinarian to have their teeth cleaned. I believe that veterinarians tend to underplay the risk. They might say that one in … please continue reading

Brush your Cat’s Teeth: Keep Kitty’s Mouth Clean and Healthy!

Cleaning a cat's teeth

Are cats truly “low maintenance” pets? Although many folks keep promoting domestic felines as easy keepers (especially when compared to canines), there is a considerable amount of work involved if the guardian has made the commitment to give their kitty … please continue reading

February is National Pet Dental Health Month: Prevention is better than cure

Emphasizing the importance of keeping our pets’ teeth and gums healthy, the American Veterinary Medical Association, along with several veterinary groups sponsor the month of February as National Pet Dental Health Month. Regular dental checkups are essential in order to … please continue reading