For humans and cats touching is very important

Cat wants to touch their caregiver

I’m going to refer to a study which starts off with the words, “Receiving touch is of critical importance”. The words at the end of the study are as follows: “In conclusion, we show clear evidence that such interventions are beneficial across a large number of both physical and mental health outcomes”. This applies …

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Human behaviour beneficial to cats

How should I pet my cat?

I think it useful to remind ourselves of the sort of human behaviour that is beneficial to our cat. Perhaps it is common sense but even commonsense thoughts need to be reinforced. Generally aversive human behaviors With respect to livestock, research has identified that the most aversive human behaviours towards domestic animals includes: hits, …

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Domestic cats’ desire to touch tells us that they are sociable

Marvin and Daisy

There is quite a lot of discussion on the Internet about whether domestic cats are or are not sociable. The debate is valid because the wildcat ancestor of the domestic, the Near Eastern wildcat, is not sociable. We are told that they are solitary creatures. However, you will find that the experts agree that …

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