Dog Grew Up with Two Cats and Uses Cat Tree (photo)

You’ll love this. He has a cat expression on his face too!

Dog grew up with cats
Dog grew up with cats and look what happened.


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Bargain Cat Trees can be Exasperating: “Some Assembly Required” – a Bit Optimistic

There are many things to which a dyed-in-the-wool cat lover may become addicted. Because we enjoy spoiling our beloved kitties we often search for ways in which we can delight and stimulate them. Unfortunately I tend to be an inveterate feline oriented shopaholic, so when I discover items on sale that I am sure will be intriguing to our kitties; I must admit that there are times when I may throw caution to the wind. Unfortunately however, my impulsive behavior can sometime result in becoming bitterly disappointed when the “treasured” item finally arrives.

Aki Poe Hubble on cat tree
Aki, Sir Hubble Pinkerton and Edgar Allen Poe on cat tree. Photo by Jo Singer

For example: The beautiful, sturdy cat tree in our living room was becoming rather threadbare; tattered and torn. So when I “accidently-on-purpose ran across a website that was advertising a huge sale on cat trees (including free shipping) I decided to take the plunge and buy the one with three platforms, two tunnels, and a hanging hammock near the bottom. Since the tree shape and color was quite appealing; with its very reasonable cost, my credit card flew from wallet all by itself. In two easy steps, the cat tree was mine!

But buyer’s remorse set in seconds after I bought it. The words, “some assembly required” slapped me upside the head. I knew I was in deep trouble since I have absolutely no mechanical skill. I couldn’t help recalling some testy moments with my husband when we tried to put a small wooden desk together. To assuage my guilt, I lassoed our across the street neighbor; asking him if he would lend a hand in setting up the cat tree. He quickly agreed since he was very skilled in things mechanical.

The second the box was delivered, I contacted our neighbor. He dropped by a few minutes later, and after he had a chance to examine the pieces he felt it would be a simple procedure and easily assembled. Although some primitive tools were included the instructions only consisted of a schematic diagram which one needed to have an engineering degree to understand. Happily our neighbor was not in the least intimidated.

Unfortunately when our neighbor attempted to connect one of the bolts, beads of sweat started pouring down his forehead. Cursing softly under his breath, he rushed home to get more appropriate tools. He cussed again discovering that one of the pre-drilled holes was filled with glue; required reaming. This “no brainer” project turning into a nightmare. But his PURRsistence paid off and the cat tree was finally completed.

Would you believe that shortly after we finished this project, I discovered this short instructional video posted on You Tube by the company,, which gives step by step directions on how to assemble their cat trees? It was rather “anti-clime- actic” to say the least!

The good news is that today, years later, this tree is a favorite hangout for our three kitties. Purrhaps I was a bit psychic when I bought the danged thing!
Have you ever assembled a cat tree and lived to tell about it? If so, please share with us by leaving a comment.

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Benefits of a Cat Tree Condo (video)

Here is a video of my foster cat enjoying himself on his cat tree condominium. What I particularly like about it is that he is using the scratching posts which are built into the tree. The tree should be reasonably substantial. This one is about 65 inches tall.

I love to see a cat using a scratching post (which should be solid like a real tree) and it is the main reason why I videotaped him. A lot of people are concerned about their furniture being scratched and this shows that a cat will use a scratching post provided it is well sited and solid enough.

I was also concerned about whether cats automatically use a piece of cat furniture like the cat tree, cat condo. They probably don’t automatically use them but they are likely to use them and when they do they can get a lot of enjoyment from them.

This one is sited next to a window which overlooks the garden where there is quite a lot of activity by wildlife because there are bird feeders which of course attract birds and squirrels. Also other cats often wander by for Downton to look at and even hiss at. I leave the window slightly adjar and fixed so he can smell the outside as well as observe it.

This cat tree also has a nice little hiding place on the first-tier. As we know, cats need a place to hide. They also need high places which is where Downton mostly uses this cat tree.

This particular piece of cat furniture costs £40 from Amazon and is made in Germany, which I think is very good value (it comes top in an Amazon ‘cat tree’ search on the UK version of the website). From my perspective, even if my cats did not use the furniture, it is a risk worth taking because to lose £40 is not the end of the world.

I wonder how many people have a piece of cat furniture like this in their home? I am not saying that they are obligatory or wonderful or that every cat caretaker should have one. I’m just suggesting that they are probably good value in terms of making the home a little bit better for the domestic cat. It is about environmental enrichment about which I feel that people are now more sensitive and aware.

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Cat tree? More a cat forest!

This is a photo by Marc of Gigi. He was mentioning that Gigi likes to perch at the top of one of these cat trees in the cat forest created by Marc. I was mightily impressed with the cat-friendly nature of his home. Marc uploaded the picture in a comment.

Many cat trees making a forest
Photo (and cat forest) by Marc. Cat is Gigi

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