Bargain Cat Trees can be Exasperating: “Some Assembly Required” – a Bit Optimistic

Aki, Sir Hubble Pinkerton and Edgar Allen Poe

There are many things to which a dyed-in-the-wool cat lover may become addicted. Because we enjoy spoiling our beloved kitties we often search for ways in which we can delight and stimulate them. Unfortunately I tend to be an inveterate feline oriented shopaholic, so when I discover items on sale that I am sure …

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Spoiling Kitties: The Ultimate Cat Furniture

Cat furniture picture

When it comes to giving our cats top notch care – at least in this writer’s opinion – pampering and “spoiling” them ranks high on a kitty guardian’s job description.

But before you disagree and get your hackles up let me be perfectly clear; I am not referring to always giving into their desires; some of their requests may be neither safe nor appropriate for them.

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