There is one effective way to deter cats from gardens

Deterring cats from gardens means making the garden an unpleasant place to be in

A lot has been written on the topic of deterring free-roaming domestic cats from neighbours’ gardens. I cover a recent discussion using plants in the EXPRESS newspaper below but first I would like to discuss this single effective way to deter cats from gardens. I’m going to start with the underlying reason why this …

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Indoor/outdoor cat persecuted in Bellevue, Washington under strict companion animal laws


Miska is described as a badass cat, the baddest cat in the US but she’s just a standard free-roaming, tabby, indoor/outdoor cat who happens to live in Bellevue, Washington, USA, where there are extensive animal laws/regulations governing cat and dog ownership under Bellevue Municipal Code Title 8. For example, cats have to be licensed. …

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Proposed local law to deal with domestic cats pooping in neighbor’s backyard

Cat wandering outside

For American who don’t live with a cat (and even those who do), one of life’s annoyances is their neighbour’s cat peeing and pooping on their carefully tended backyard. We read about it quite a lot online. It is an area of domestic cat ‘ownership’ which is liable to cause friction. Another is the …

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