How to remove cat odor – one method: enzymatic cleaner

Pet urine odor remover

The best way, and only way to be honest, to remove cat odour is to use an enzymatic pet odour cleaner. And to be clear, by “cat odour” I am referring to cat pee. I’m discussing the removal of the odour that domestic cat urine emits it’s when a domestic cat eliminates inappropriately as …

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Cat’s urine makes male mice more macho which is attractive to females

Tome and Jerry

There are two parts of this page. In the first part I described the results of this study back in 2008. In the second part I have revisited the study and described it again because I wasn’t happy with the first effort. I’m still not entirely happy but there it is. Cat’s urine smell …

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Tomcats advertise their fitness and prowess through the smell of their sprayed urine

Cat spraying

Female cats can be choosy in selecting a male and thereby procreate. She uses her courtship to select her favoured male or males. Males can impress females through the pungency of their urine. They are advertising their fitness and ability to procreate and create fit families through the smell of their urine. It’s remarkable …

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Why do indoor cats spray?

Indoor cat spraying - clean up

The question is asking why indoor cats spray urine, which is done, as you probably know, to establish territory. Because this is the purpose of spraying urine (normally onto vertical surfaces) it occurs when cats feel that their territory is threatened by an ‘invading’ cat. How might this happen to an indoor cat? Some …

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Foul ammonia odour exposes homes where there are too many cats

Singapore cat hoarder seeks help

I’m reminded by a story from California that it is the foul ammonia smell emanating from homes in which there are too many cats which always exposes these homes to the authorities because at the end of the day a neighbour complains as the smells constantly waft into their home. They might accept it …

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Cat scratches litter box walls and digs a lot

A query about a domestic cat scratching her litter box walls may also be part of a general enquiry about why their cat is digging in their litter substrate too much. It looks like slightly manic and abnormal behaviour and it is slightly abnormal but there is a natural and normal reason for it. …

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How do I get a urine sample from my cat?

Urine sample

Your veterinarian might ask you to take a urine sample from your cat because she shows signs of suffering from a disease such as cystitis or diabetes. A urine test will help diagnose these diseases. If you have one cat then the simplest way to collect a urine specimen is to remove most of …

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