Mercury, in a cat rabies vaccine, is dangerous but is it in the vaccine?

We are told that pet owners and veterinarians should use mecury-free rabies vaccines. In fact that applies to any vaccines. This is because mercury is toxic to pets and people (as I understand it). It is used as a preservative and/or antiseptic in vaccines. I am also told by Drs Becker and Shultz that …

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Informed Consent For Cat Vaccinations

All vets should provide full information to cat caretakers about the pros and and cons of cat vaccinations so that they can consent to the procedure armed with all the information that they need to make a good decision that is in the interests of the cat. What percentage do? Alternatively, the vet can …

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Cat Vaccination Recommendations

Photo: © Chuckumentary reproduced  under creative commons Introduction The cat vaccination recommendations given to me by my vet (as at 2007) were to come back every year. This was endorsed by boarding catteries in the UK who insist on a certificate. The routine booster vaccinations in the UK are Feligen RCP and Leucogen (or …

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