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Cat clings on to bricks to avoid going to vet

4 .gifs of cats doing different things

Here are four animated .gifs which show various types of domestic cat behavior. The first is quite typical in that close dog/cat relationships are very common. This one stands out a bit because the...

Cats use front door knocker

Cats using front door knockers to get in (videos)

This is learned feline behaviour. I suspect that these cats have trained themselves to knock on the front door through observation of their human guardian. It is highly unusual and fascinating to see these...

Twisty cat in car looking anxious

Cute Video of Twisty Cat’s First Time in a Car

Twisty cats are born with forelegs which are not right (shortened, twisted or absent radius and ulna of the forelimb). The condition is called radial hypoplasia. This lady has filmed her rescue twisty cat,...

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