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Why can't cats talk like humans?

Why can’t cats talk like humans?

By “talk like humans” I mean using a proper language but I don’t mean necessarily speaking in one of the many human languages. It’s probably useful to break the answer down into two sections....

Can the cheetah be domesticated?

Male cheetah stutter-bark is sexy to a female

The male cheetah stutter-bark is sexy to a female cheetah. Unlike humans the female cheetah does not have a regular reproductive cycle. Female cheetahs ovulated rarely and at irregular times. Research indicates that at...

Tabby M mark

Origin of the word ‘meow’ – it’s onomatopoeic

The origin of the word “meow” is an onomatopoeic representation of the actual sound that domestic cats make, usually when requesting something such as food, albeit that it is a stereotypic representation because the...

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